Our Team

Dr. Seamus McGardle

Managing Director

Helen McGardle

Managing Director

Ursula Gallagher

Global Director of Search

Colette Coffey

Director of Operations and Finance

Jack McGardle

Chief of Staff

Jill Bausch

Search & Leadership Director– International

Susanne Andre

Senior Search & Strategy Consultant

Ann O’Leary

Director of Research & Marketing

Telma Viale

Director, Executive Search and Leadership

Dan Perez

Director, North America

Dr. Alan Richter

Partner of SRI

Patrick Shields

Partner of SRI

Susan Waweru

Search Director- Africa

Adriana Robles

Search Director- LATAM

Kate Mayne

Strategy Practice Manager

Lea Vercoustre

Research Consultant

Noel Keogh

Search Consultant- International

Ben Forrest

Head of Bids and Tenders

Jeanne Magnetti

Strategy Analyst

Apoorva Tyagi

Research Consultant

Sidney Moss

Research Consultant

Shenaaz Bhima

Research Consultant- Africa

Tanja Havemann

Advisory Board Member

Irina Maystrenko

Search & Leadership Consultant- Eastern Europe

Pippa Isbell

Senior Consultant

Victoria Bouix

Leadership Development Consultant

Raj Nellooli

Search & Leadership Director- India and UAE

Farina Pane

Leadership Director– South Asia

María Alonso Mendez

Research Consultant

Matthew Kentridge

Associate of SRI Strategy

Natasha Bale Robert

Research Consultant

Grace Kohn

Consultant and Project Manager

Therese Kanda

Research Consultant

Shijia Huang

Research Consultant

Alison McGardle

Senior Consultant

Sharon Crabtree

Training and Performance Specialist