Our Team

Dr. Seamus McGardle

Managing Director

Helen McGardle

Managing Director

Ursula Gallagher

Global Director of Search

Colette Coffey

Director of Operations and Finance

Jill Bausch

Search Director – International

Susanne Andre

Senior Search & Strategy Consultant

Ann O’Leary

Research Director

Edward Wild

Partner of SRI

Patrick Shields

Partner of SRI

Susan Waweru

Search Director - Africa and Asia

Arvin Santiago

Research Consultant - Asia

Adriana Robles

Search Director - LATAM

Catherine Hughes

Head, Business Development

Shawna Walsh

Global Strategy & Organisational Development Expert

Noel Keogh

Search Consultant - International

Iryna Maystrenko

Search Consultant - Eastern Europe

Aveen Colgan

Search Consultant - Netherlands

Shenaaz Bhima

Research Consultant - South Africa

Pippa Isbell

HR Consultant

Victoria Bouix

Leadership Development Consultant

Raj Nellooli

Search Director - India and UAE

Farina Pane

Search Director – South Asia

Sharon Crabtree

Training and Performance Specialist