SRI Executive values commitment, collaboration, integrity, and authenticity.

SRI Executive is a people-centred, values-driven organisation that appreciates the unique contributions of every member of our team. Rather than seeking mere ‘culture fits’, we actively seek individuals who enrich the fabric of our team culture. Every person brings a unique perspective and skill set, enriching our collective team and reinforcing our unwavering commitment to our work. Together, we have collaboratively developed a set of core values that reflect our shared passions and motivations. 

We are committed: We are dedicated to consistently delivering for each other and for our clients. We create space to learn, grow, adapt, and innovate to meet our team’s and clients’ changing needs. 

We collaborate: Collaboration is at the heart of our organisation and its success. We build strong partnerships within our teams and with clients, working towards a common purpose. 

We act with integrity: We maintain a high standard and adhere to personal and professional ethics. We build trusting and transparent relationships with our clients and with each other. 

We are genuine: We recognise the individuality of our team. We believe that by valuing each person’s unique addition to our organisation and creating space for them to be their authentic selves, we can realise the full potential of our people. 

SRI Executive Values

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