Leadership & Governance

Great leaders build great organisations.  That’s why we provide various tools designed to maximise their potential.

Leadership Services

Our approach supports success at every stage of a leader’s journey: support during onboarding, individual assessment and development, team development, and coaching for leadership performance.

Here are just some of the ways we can support leaders’ success:

  • We develop tailored onboarding programmes to ensure that new leaders are set up for success and are equipped with the vision, understanding, and support to lead the organisation to achieve its goals.
  • Our global team of accredited coaches support individuals, teams, and organisations in reaching their goals. Leveraging our extensive advisory experience, we have developed a range of bespoke team and individual coaching programmes, ranging from one-day workshops to multi-year engagements.
  • Using market-leading tools, we provide evidence-based psychometric, leadership and competency assessments to identify, develop, and maintain high-performing individuals and teams.  

We also support People and Culture or Human Resources teams in developing and designing the infrastructure to support their leaders and the wider organisation so that the best practices in onboarding, coaching, and assessments can be embedded into the organisation.


An organisation can have the right strategy, the right resources, and the right structure. Yet, without effective governance, it will struggle to meet or sustain its ambitions long-term.  

We work with organisations to establish and continually improve governance structures, systems, and processes.  With our diverse clients, we continue to evolve our thinking on best practices and how they can be applied. 

Our extensive experience working with boards gives us unparalleled insight into the rigour, diplomacy, and expertise required to execute governance processes successfully.   

Some ways in which we have supported our clients include: 

  • Facilitating objective and evidence-based reviews of the performance of senior leadership.​
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the Board of Directors (including committees and panels)​ and creating actionable recommendations for strengthening Board effectiveness. 
  • Reviewing the decision-making processes, delegations of authority, key areas of accountability and leadership across governing bodies or entities​.
  • Defining effective structure and ways of working within and across governance structures and organisations​. 

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