Our Global Consulting Practice was established to support leaders in navigating internal and external challenges, empowering them to create lasting impact.  

With a 25-year history and exclusive focus on global development, our Consulting Practice offers unparalleled insights into both the challenges and opportunities at hand. We understand the deep complexity of mission-driven, multilateral, and donor-funded organisations.  

Impact-driven organisations require tailored, fit-for-purpose approaches. Whether you are a Director-General looking to set a new organisational strategy, a manager seeking to strengthen the structure and culture of your team, or a Board Member pursuing opportunities to improve governance effectiveness, our team of experienced consultants will work with you to design and execute tailored solutions.   

We support leaders and their organisations in achieving their impact through: 

  • Leadership Services: Developing leaders and their teams through assessments and coaching.
  • Strategy Development, Evaluation, and Implementation: Setting, evaluating, and implementing organisational strategies.
  • Strengthening Organisations and Cultures: Identifying the strengths and obstacles of an organisation – structurally and culturally – and actionable recommendations to increase impact.
  • Governance: Assessing and advising on organisational governance and Board effectiveness.

If you are looking to strengthen the impact of your organisation, get in touch. We are always open to a conversation and to hearing more about the opportunities and challenges you are facing.  

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