Helen McGardle

Managing Director of SRI Executive and Senior Advisor on Not-for-Profits, Life Sciences and Development Finance


As Founder and Managing Director of SRI Executive, Helen holds extensive knowledge and experience in how organisations must change and evolve the way they work for the future, incorporating innovative technologies and systems. This has led to consistent success at SRI Executive.

Helen has 25 years of experience as a search specialist and senior executive coach. She specialises in sourcing, managing and coaching exceptional candidates for clients within the life sciences, development finance and sustainability sectors. She brings a plethora of industry prowess and insight into global search processes and provides guidance to our clients, supporting selection committees navigate an inclusive, transparent selection process which delivers exceptional talent. Helen has also created an exceptional network that enables access to unique candidates and advisors. 

Helen holds a BSc in Pharmacy, an MBA, and an Advanced Certificate in Executive Coaching. She also has multiple advanced certifications in executive coaching, talent benchmarking, talent management systems, behavioural analysis and value analysis.

Key Projects

Helen has worked with organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), Pfizer, Genzyme, One CGIAR and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), African Development Bank (AfDB), European Investment Bank, Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and World Bank.