We are a global team committed to equitable representation. We bring diverse backgrounds, identities, ideas, and beliefs together to encourage collaboration, open communication, and integrity.

SRI Executive is experienced in working with global development organisations who are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and Access (DEIA). We are innovative in our approach to connecting with and recruiting strong candidates that reflect the diversity of the communities our clients serve.

Lasting Impact Starts with Us

We collaborate closely with our clients to build effective leadership teams that mirror the behaviours and culture they want to see. Additionally, we integrate participatory techniques and values-based methodologies to assess and refine our clients’ organisational strategies, policies and practices, ensuring alignment with their ongoing DEIA initiatives. 

SRI Executive partners with global development organisations to establish dedicated roles or functions focused on DEIA, ensuring these positions serve as objective custodians, safeguarding the integrity of these values throughout the organisation. 

Our DEIA Policy

Read how we value Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA).