Fit for Purpose

In recent years, the international development landscape has undergone a significant shift in framing the expectations of key stakeholders.

As 2015 marked the creation of many landmark agreements with the Paris Climate Agreement, the Addis Ababa Action Agenda (AAAA) and the broader 2030 Agenda with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), organisations are re-thinking their relevance and value addition in this evolving landscape.  We see the continued shift in official development assistance (ODA) towards security, aid and trade, the rise of the importance of effective private sector engagement and investment in order to achieve transformative sustainable development and new financial instruments that are testing innovation and pushing the boundaries of development as we knew it.  The former recipients of development assistance are now donors themselves, meaning there are new types of relationships and institutions being created that directly respond to the economic growth ambitions of developing countries.


Faced with a stagnating global economy, many leading donors were forced to build new links between aid and trade, due to the unpredictability of funding from conventional means.

These critical shifts call for new business models, different skills and ways of working such as stronger and smarter partnerships, demonstrating value for money and return on (social) investment, and engaging more at and through the country level.

All of this seems swift, perceptive and responsive, but is it? Are development agencies and institutions really adjusting to this fast-changing landscape, or are they simply re-packaging tried and trusted services to a perceived change in demand? Do we really take the time needed to understand the changes around us and adjust accordingly? Is what we do as unique and useful as it was five years ago, or have markets changed and spaces become more crowded? Are the skills we have in-house and the partnerships we trust, still best suited to tackle the issues of today? Can new institutions create an added value that is unique? Will they be able to strike the balance between “people”, “planet”, and “prosperity” that has all too often, eluded us so far?

For the last 20 years, SRI Executive has been at the forefront of change by building the capability, capacity and resilience of global organisations around the world. Having partnered with many organisations during this time, we at SRI understand the challenges institutions face as they juggle the demands of “relevancy” in a constantly evolving and developing social, economic and political market. Wrestling with the issue of sustainability and an organisation’s Fit for Purpose, many institutions have been forced to question their strategic ability and readiness in achieving long-term results. As they seek a solution that will deliver the desired form of “Relevancy” they require, these organisations look to SRI to assist them in developing an organisational environment which is equipped to deal with the structural challenges they may face.

In working with organisations to effectively position themselves and deliver the best results in this fast-changing environment, SRI Executive offers three service offerings, which can be adapted or combined, depending on the specific requirements of our clients:

Stop and Think
is our approach to a short senior management retreat aimed at taking stock of relevant developments, assessing products and services in light of changing needs and reviewing individual and team qualities against organisational requirements.
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Fit for Purpose
SRI Executive proposes eight lenses that can help you assess organisational “fitness”, define a strategy that rises to the challenge, create an effective organisational structure, build organisational capabilities, forge strong partnerships and set ambitious targets to optimise social impact.
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Effective Alliances
is a version of Stop and Think, designed specifically for organisations that operate in networks or consortia to optimise differing organisational cultures and approaches toward a single purpose.
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Maximizing Board Impact
is designed to build a more impactful, trusted and resilient relationship between a Board and an Organisation’s Executive Team.
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