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About HelpAge International

HelpAge International works with partners and a diverse global network of more than 150 organizations across 85 countries, supporting millions of older people to live safe, dignified, and healthy lives. Through our partnership and collaborations, we work to ensure the inclusion of older people across society and strive to deliver a just and fair world for everyone, whatever their age. Our work is driven by our desire to deliver real impact for older people, to be inclusive, to work in partnership and to learn from our shared experience.

Our 2030 strategy Ageing in a Just World sets out how we will work together to shape the future we all share. By working together, we aim to help inspire a movement for change and through ensuring all our work promotes older people’s wellbeing, dignity, and voice, we can transform the lives of older people now and in the future.

Since the launch of our strategy in January 2020, the world has changed in profound ways. We are still experiencing the impacts and consequences. Recognizing and anticipating these important and fundamental shifts, HelpAge International is evolving and transforming itself to be relevant, impactful and viable. As a result, we are reconfiguring our organizational design and resources in the following ways:
  • Driven by our commitment to the localization agenda, we are evolving the way we partner and deliver value at country and local level. In the coming 3 years, we will localize our country offices and programmes, and develop new and diverse forms of partnerships globally.
  • We seek to give primacy to local agents for change. To this end, we will replace all programmes delivered by HelpAge International’s staff and resources on the ground with implementation by partners. This will apply across all our work - humanitarian and long-term development. Going forward, our value is framed around supporting, convening, and thought leadership.
  • A key way of creating value and bringing impact is collaborating across boundaries and by bringing different perspectives, skills and talent together. We will deliver our work through agile teams and a global operating model, with regional roots, to focus on impact and maintain the relationships at the national level to help build collaborations and support others to set their own agendas.

Director of Finance and Operations Role Profile

How the Director of Finance and Operations will make a difference
At HelpAge International, we offer a unique and exceptional career experience to bring positive and lasting change in the lives of older persons. As countries prepare for and adapt to population ageing, you can make a difference at a critical juncture to how societies, economies and institutions adapt to this change. Guided by our commitment to our values of impact, learning, partnership, and inclusion (see values), you will work with talent like yourself and partner with other agents for change to bring systemic change and impact at scale. By acting as a supporter, convener and thought leader, together, we can make an impact that matters for older persons and their communities. HelpAge International offers you an inclusive, collaborative workplace and innovative environment.

This is a critical time for HelpAge International as we seek to transform the ways the organization works and brings value. We are looking for exceptional individuals who will explore new opportunities to create value, to find new avenues, unique ways and novel partnership and collaborations to reach our shared goals. We are looking for talent which thrives in collaborating with others (inside HelpAge International and beyond) and who can work in agile ways and across boundaries. We are seeking individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset, who can work across diverse areas of our work, who can leverage both their unique expertise and deploy a wider range of experiences and competencies.
You can find further details on the website https://www.helpage.org

Director of Finance and Operations, Business Partner Services Department

The role of the Business Partner Services Department is to
  • Establish and provide an efficient (internal) client-focused service that allows HelpAge International's teams and partners to deliver on the 2030 strategy
  • Provide professional business support services to portfolios, projects, and teams across the organisation. The department includes finance, operations, and internal audit functions.
Key areas for impact/influence and responsibilities
These outline the broad areas of responsibility in the role, but in collaboration with your colleagues you will be able to shape and design specific activities that are relevant at any point in time. We want you to work creatively to deliver impact and respond to relevant opportunities.
With your colleagues you will develop your team workplan to drive initiatives, develop ideas as well as ensure there is space for cross organisational working and short-term tasks. From this you will devise your individual workplan that will form the basis of your day-to-day activities and your performance reviews.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Director of Finance and Operations will have the following key responsibilities:
  • Lead the strategic planning of financial, and information technology management, and direct and support the ongoing work of the department, ensuring close collaboration between Business Partners and other functions and offices in HelpAge International
  • Oversee the development of HelpAge International’s financial annual planning process, evolving and adapting the systems and indicators to align with demands of the organisation and commitments.
  • Provide direct line management support to the Heads of each of the Business Partner functions and have management oversight for all staff in the department.
  • Provide strategic guidance to the Board and the Executive Steering Group to enable them to make timely decisions and govern and manage the organisation effectively by providing all necessary, appropriate, and relevant information and by providing leadership in risk management.
  • Engage fully as a member of the Executive Steering Group taking shared responsibility for the strategic and operational management of HelpAge International
  • Fulfil the role of Company Secretary and ensure that HelpAge International complies with Companies Act, Charity Commission, and other relevant legislative requirements.
  • Represent HelpAge International in relevant external forums.
At HelpAge International, we believe in the importance of empowering our people to be change makers and leaders at all levels. We expect our people to embrace and live our values, challenging themselves every day to identify issues that are most important to older persons and their communities, and to make an impact that matters.

In addition, as an HelpAge International employee you are expected to:
  • Work collaboratively, building mutual trust and respect with external organisations and partners to achieve our strategic aims and objectives; being accountable for the work you do together
  • Adapt to new directions or opportunities arising within the organization and in your work area; being flexible in your role, constantly using the feedback to learn more and evolve further.
  • Lead behavioural and cultural change through embracing a supportive, collaborative and highly inclusive environment where everybody feels supported, respected, and engaged.
  • Extend Help Age’s reach and impact, by creating and identifying new business development opportunities and building relationships with new partners.
  • Identify, support and develop new opportunities for internal or external collaboration or partnerships which will add impact and reach to our work
  • Lead and promote a culture of including the voices of older people across our support, convening, and thought leadership roles, in a way that is transformative, empowering and highly inclusive of those marginalized by gender, economic status, disability and other factors of discrimination.
HelpAge International is committed to safeguarding the communities with which we work, our partners, staff, and any others who we come into contact with.
Therefore, you will also be responsible for:
  • Preventing harm and abuse from our people, operations, and programmes to anyone that encounters our work.
  • Reporting all safeguarding incidents you see, hear, hear about or suspect, using our internal reporting mechanism.
  • Complying with all safeguarding framework policies and practices.
  • Completing mandatory training courses relating to our safeguarding policy framework and complying with HR vetting procedures.
Key deliverables of the position of the Director of Finance and Operations include:
  • Continue to develop and deliver robust financial management reporting and systems
  • Provide proactive support and leadership to other members of the senior leadership team
  • Lead on developing the global finance team to provide effective support for a new operating model
  • Successfully change the budgeting model and systems to reflect the move to localising country programmes
  • Lead on developing infrastructure, IT and digital to reflect changes in the organisational structure and business model
Key clients and stakeholders:
  • Age UK and Age International. The Irish and Swedish Governments.

Required Competencies

  • Strategic management experience in an international organisation, with a proven ability to design and deliver a strategy, manage change and significant complexity
  • An understanding of corporate and charity governance including knowledge of international reporting standards and UK SORP
  • Strategic understanding of opportunities presented by operations, IT and familiarity with key aspects of IT management and security
  • Flexible approach, can work directly with staff to support problem solving and shift easily to providing strategic guidance to the CEO and the board on finance and risk.
  • Ability and willingness to travel overseas.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Full membership of an international professional accounting body or relevant master's degree with exceptional financial experience in a complex international context

Terms of Appointment

This is a full-time, permanent position. HelpAge International offers a competitive salary commensurate with experience. Salaries are reviewed on an annual basis with effect at the end of the tax year, 1 April. Any percentage increases will be dependent on HelpAge International’s ability to pay and will vary each year.

In addition, our benefits package is as follows:
Pension – HelpAge International pension scheme is administered by The Pensions Trust and all eligible UK based staff will be automatically enrolled into this scheme from their start date. It is a defined contribution, contracted in pension scheme. The scheme offered to all staff is the Flexible Retirement Plan (FRP). Employee’s must contribute a minimum of 5% of their salary, and HelpAge International will contribute 8.5%.
Life Insurance - 4 x salary life assurance whilst employed by HelpAge International, premium of which is paid for by HelpAge International.
You will receive 25 days of annual leave per annum, plus bank/public holidays and you are entitled to up to 4 weeks of sick leave in a rolling year.

Location: UK

How to Apply

If you wish to be considered for this position, please complete the Application Form below on or before 19 October 2021. In addition, we encourage you to please attach a copy of the most recent English version of your CV.

All information will be treated in the strictest confidence as we pride ourselves on our professional service.

If you have an initial query rather than an application, kindly email us at [email protected].

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