SRI Executive Strategy Practice Areas

In the face of a continually evolving development landscape, organisations are reassessing the value and relevance of the impact they create. At SRI Executive, our core focus has been supporting international development organisations for more than 20 years.

We tailor our solutions to each organisation’s needs. Our clients are paired with purpose-built teams which include a globally respected expert who acts as thematic lead.

Our strategy projects are delivered collaboratively, with our senior consultants available, responsive and transparent throughout the process. Our clients receive actionable analysis with the opportunity to agree their organisation’s way forward, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution.

Our deep sectoral knowledge, access to a network of world-class experts and our collaborative approach means that we are uniquely placed to understand the challenges facing organisations, and what success looks like for them.

That’s why we know the difference between a future-ready organisational strategy and a mediocre one is the expertise behind it.

We know who it takes to create a lasting impact.

A closer look at our strategy solutions


Mergers and Alliances

Many organisations have chosen to partner on projects or merge completely to contribute shared resources and work toward similar missions. When it comes to combining two organisations successfully, SRI Executive is an experienced facilitator in this field and can serve as an objective third-party to help navigate the process by exploring and evaluating your strategic alliance opportunities and supporting the process.

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Stop and Think

Is our approach to a short senior management retreat aimed at taking stock of relevant developments, assessing products and services in light of changing needs and reviewing individual and team qualities against organisational requirements.

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Fit for Purpose

SRI Executive proposes eight lenses that can help you assess organisational “fitness”, define a strategy that rises to the challenge, create an effective organisational structure, build organisational capabilities, forge strong partnerships and set ambitious targets to optimise social impact.

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Maximizing Board Impact

Is designed to build a more impactful, trusted and resilient relationship between a Board and an Organisation’s Executive Team.

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