Accelerated Leadership Selection

For confident leadership hiring during a global pandemic


Having a vacancy at senior management or executive level during a global crisis can be a significant strain on your existing leadership team. Still, it may feel impossible to find the best fit for a critical senior role when face-to-face interviews are halted and there is no knowing when they will resume.

While some organisations have suspended hiring during COVID-19, we are supporting others who are creatively combatting their circumstances to successfully interview and select top talent virtually.

Our Accelerated Selection Process allows organisations to quickly and comprehensively narrow down their candidate pools based on metrics and data, and advance to the final stage of a virtual search.

Fast-tracking virtual executive search

Select and deselect candidates based on robust evidence

Many hiring professionals feel that face-to-face interviews are the best way to achieve an in-depth assessment of candidate’s character, motivations and soft-skills. We use a combination of psychometric assessment and technical interviews with one of our accredited, senior consultants to accurately predict and report which behaviours and skills a candidate will bring to a role. Organisations then have the critical data they need to determine the top candidates to move forward in the process, and which candidates to rule out.

Quickly narrow down candidates from longlist to shortlist

Organisations can shorten their search timeline and alleviate the burden caused by the vacancy sooner by accelerating their move from longlist to final-round candidates. This process can be completed virtually in a matter of days, shortening the sometimes weeks-long process of selection. 

The competencies assessed are bespoke to each role

The specific competencies we assess during this process are tailored to the role and agreed ahead of time to accurately assess each candidate’s fit.


Leadership selection during virtual hiring executive search

How the Accelerated Selection Process works

Once the initial research, outreach and screening stages of the search are completed and the client has determined a longlist of candidates, we engage the candidates to undergo an online psychometric test and interview based on agreed management or leadership competencies.

We use the EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment,  which offers a version focusing on leadership skills and a version on management. This instrument is scientifically validated and widely used to accurately predict which behaviours a candidate is most likely to exhibit in dealing with others, and pinpoint the motivations behind the behaviour. It also can serve as a basis for a development plan after the hire is made.

One of our accredited, senior leadership consultants interviews each candidate with a combination of behavioural and technical competency-based questions. We then provide a detailed report of each candidate based on the psychometric assessment and interview and hold a feedback session with the selection panel to review our findings. The client can also offer a feedback session to the candidates who have been considered, conducted by our certified consultants. Candidates find this process valuable whether or not they are ultimately selected for the role, and it reflects well on the organisation.

We have applied this Accelerated Selection Process with over 100 candidates in the last 12 months for clients such as the World Meteorological Association, the Office for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), The Earth Observations Group and International Renewable Energy Agency. Find out more about what we can do to support leaders at every level of your organisation, or get in touch.



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