Director, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Economic Analysis

Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) – Mongolia Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Vacancy ID: 7704

Closing Date: 17.00 ULAT, March 15, 2019

Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) – Mongolia


About MCA-Mongolia

The Government of Mongolia (“Government”) seeks a qualified Director, Monitoring, Evaluation and Economic Analysis to help organize, manage and lead the operations of a new special purpose entity to be known as the Millennium Challenge Account – Mongolia (“MCA-Mongolia”). The Government will shortly establish MCA-Mongolia in the form of a non-profit state-owned enterprise to oversee the implementation of the Mongolia Water Compact (the “Compact”), a large-scale international development assistance program funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (“MCC”), a United States Government agency that provides grant assistance to help partner countries promote economic growth and reduce poverty.

The Compact aims to increase the long-term sustainable supply of water to Ulaanbaatar and stem the impact of an impending water crisis. The Compact will expand the supply of water to residential consumers and commercial and industrial users in Ulaanbaatar through:

  • The construction of new groundwater wells downstream from Ulaanbaatar and introduction of a state-of-the-art advanced water purification plant;
  • The construction of a new wastewater recycling plant and pipelines to provide high-quality treated water to large-scale industrial users;
  • Policy reforms, capacity building, and technical assistance to improve the long-term sustainability of Ulaanbaatar’s water supply.

MCA-Mongolia will oversee the implementation of these investments on behalf of the Government and in compliance with the guidelines and standards of MCC.

The Role

Main Tasks: The Director, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Economic Analysis, manages MCA-Mongolia’s assessment, ongoing monitoring, and reporting on the implementation of the compact program and its impacts through the generation of timely, relevant and reliable data; the preparation and implementation of economic assessments and other analysis; and the production of detailed public reports. The Director, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Economic Analysis, reports to the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Programs (the “Deputy CEO”), and manages one dedicated, full-time staff.


  • Coordinate, manage and lead all of MCA-Mongolia’s implementation activities related to the monitoring and evaluation (“M&E”) and the economic analysis of the compact program.
  • Ensure that all terms of reference, procurement documents and contracts provide appropriate measures for the collection and analysis of data and information, as necessary for the monitoring, evaluation, and economic analysis of the compact program.
  • Lead the identification of quality issues or gaps in available data, design and implement plans to address or resolve issues, and continuously monitor risks throughout the implementation of the compact period.
  • Lead the identification and selection of performance indicators, baselines and targets and the development, review and approval of a Monitoring and Evaluation (“M&E”) Plan; oversee the collection and analysis of data by consultants, contractors and implementing entities; and manage periodic reviews, revisions and updates to the M&E Plan, in accordance with MCC’s standards and guidelines.
    • Design and implement field assessments of project implementation and achievement of outputs and intermediate outcomes.
    • Facilitate good reporting protocols for field visits conducted by all MCA-Mongolia staff, through use of standardized field checklists and review of trip reports.
    • Produce the quarterly monitoring report, including the M&E Plan Indicator Tracking Table (ITT) and an associated analysis and narrative.
  • Support the design and implementation of the evaluation component of the M&E Plan to promote accountability and learning, including:
    • Advise on the data and evidence needs of Government stakeholders.
    • Provide data and documentation required to inform the design and implementation of evaluations.
    • Monitor adherence to the project design and implementation plans.
    • Review evaluation reports, survey instruments, and other materials produced by each of the evaluators hired by MCC to conduct independent evaluations of the Compact activities.
    • Manage local stakeholder reviews of evaluation reports and materials.
    • Contract survey firms to undertake baseline and interim data collection for independent evaluations and supervise work in coordination with the independent evaluator.
  • Manage and lead periodic review, revision and update of the Cost-Benefit Analyses and Beneficiary Analyses, including estimates of the economic rate of return (ERR), to reflect changes in underlying data and information, taking all measures necessary to ensure that the economic analysis of the compact program complies with MCC’s standards and guidelines.;
  • Provide recommendations on project scope or detailed design, including on policy and institutional reforms, as necessary to ensure the activities achieve their intended economic impacts;.
  • Manage the Compact M&E budget, including the procurements and contracts funded by the M&E.;
  • Perform additional tasks and accept additional responsibilities assigned by the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Programs, of MCA-Mongolia.



  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, statistics, or a similar field.
  • Master’s degree or other advanced degree preferred.

Work Experience: 

  • Eight (8) years or more of prior’ experience working in quantitative and qualitative analysis, including approximately seven years in managing the quantitative and qualitative analyses of programs.
  • Experience working on projects funded by international development partners or other international development organizations preferred. Prior experience with the management of consultant teams and/or the supervision of at least subordinate staff preferred.
  • Demonstrated experience in the application of STATA, SPSS, SAS, CSPRO, Access, or a similar software or database for statistical analysis.
  • Experience designing and implementing monitoring systems that include the collection, analysis, and reporting of performance data.
  • Experience designing and implementing program evaluations. Experience implementing rigorous, quantitative evaluations involving household or business surveys preferred.
  • Experience in applying economic concepts to real-world problems and in using data and analysis to reach conclusions and provide recommendations. Clear experience in the application of cost-benefit analysis is preferred.


Communication and Languages

  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively (in English and Mongolian), both orally and in writing. English language proficiency at ILR Level 3 or above is preferred.


  • Dynamic and experienced leader with significant experience in a corporation, government agency or philanthropic entity and a proven track record for effective team management and results-driven leadership;
  • Accomplished in developing, motivating and supporting teams, including coaching and creating development opportunities to maximize production and quality of work and achieve goals;
  • Organized and results oriented, with ability to translate Compact strategy and objectives into tasks and work plans;
  • Confident in making structural or organizational changes as needed to move the work forward and meet the needs of the situation;
  • Skilled in building consensus among employees and developing strong relationships with outside stakeholders;
  • Accountable for achieving results that have a development impact and promote financial, environmental and social sustainability;
  • Able to identify and propose solutions to mitigate and manage risks;
  • Strong negotiator;
  • Efficient in understanding new issues quickly and making well informed decisions;
  • Able to inspire confidence and create trust;
  • Able to work under pressure, plan personal workload effectively, and delegate work to subordinates;
  • Skilled in analysing facts and data to support sound, logical decisions regarding own and others’ work.


To be considered for this position, apply online at http://www.sri-executive.com/offer/?id=7704 OR please forward a copy of a dated and signed cover letter and curriculum vitae (“CV”) in Microsoft Word format to [email protected] on or before 17.00 ULAT, March 15, 2019.  In the subject line, kindly indicate APPLICATION FOR 7704– DIRECTOR, MONITORING, EVALUATION, AND ECONOMIC ANALYSIS.  

We are encouraging all interested parties to apply for the role. The selection process will be based on merit and the required experience for all vacancies. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, or disability.  No fees will be paid to MCA-Mongolia or any of its agents at any stage of the recruitment process (application, interview, processing, training fees or other).

For more detailed information about the recruitment process or the role, kindly access the Executive Brief by cutting and pasting the following link to your browser:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ckmlu26co1jd6j/Executive%20Brief_MCA%20M%20Director%2C%20Monitoring%2C%20Evaluation%2C%20and%20Economic%20Analysis%20.pdf?dl=0


SRI Executive (www.sri-executive.com) is assisting the Government of Mongolia in its search for exceptional candidates for MCA-Mongolia. SRI Executive operates under a contract provided by MCC.  SRI Executive is supported by our local partner Specialized Career Consulting (SCC) in this recruitment initiative.

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