Chief Executive Officer

Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) – Mongolia Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Vacancy ID: 7694

Closing Date: 17.00 ULAT, September 10, 2018

About MCA-Mongolia

The Government of Mongolia (“Government”) seeks a qualified Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) to organize, manage and lead a new special purpose entity to be known as the Millennium Challenge Account – Mongolia (“MCA-Mongolia”). The Government will shortly establish MCA-Mongolia in the form of a non-profit state-owned enterprise to oversee the implementation of the Mongolia Water Compact (the “Compact”), a large-scale international development assistance program funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (“MCC”), a United States Government agency that provides grant assistance to help partner countries promote economic growth and reduce poverty.

The Compact aims to increase the long-term sustainable supply of water to Ulaanbaatar and stem the impact of an impending water crisis. The Compact will expand the supply of water to residential consumers and commercial and industrial users in Ulaanbaatar through:

  • The construction of new groundwater wells downstream from Ulaanbaatar and introduction of a state-of-the-art advanced water purification plant;
  • The construction of a new wastewater recycling plant and pipelines to provide high-quality treated water to large-scale industrial users;
  • Policy reforms, capacity building, and technical assistance to improve the long-term sustainability of Ulaanbaatar’s water supply.

MCA-Mongolia will oversee the implementation of these investments on behalf of the Government and in compliance with the guidelines and standards of MCC.

The Role

Main Tasks: The CEO will organize, staff, manage, and lead MCA-Mongolia under the supervision of a Board of Directors that is chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and includes representatives from the public and private sectors. Within MCA-Mongolia, the CEO will be responsible for establishing the business culture; setting and reinforcing operating procedures and practices; integrating and coordinating multiple streams of complex work, particularly between a program division and an administration division; and ensuring compliance with MCC standards, policies and guidelines as well as with local requirements. The CEO must clearly communicate the goals of the compact program, inspire and motivate the staff and stakeholders of MCA-Mongolia, and build and maintain strong working relationships with stakeholders, implementing entities, the Board of Directors, and MCC. The CEO will represent MCA-Mongolia to the general public and ensure the dissemination of relevant information about the program. The CEO will directly manage one Deputy CEO and five director-level staff within an entity of up to 46 staff.


  • Support the recruitment of a well-qualified Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Programs, and other key staff; build the staff through targeted training, professional development and performance management; maintain high levels of engagement and motivation; and make recommendations on appropriate recognition and staff retention.
  • Establish the operational procedures, systems, structures and strategies necessary for the proper functioning of MCA-Mongolia and ensure continuous improvements in operational efficiencies.
  • Guide the planning for implementation of the compact program; provide timely approval of the necessary work plans, procurement plans, budgets, and monitoring and evaluation (“M&E”) plans; and ensure the provision of adequate resources to ensure their proper execution.
  • Manage and lead the day-to-day operations of MCA-Mongolia, making particular effort to ensure the close coordination and integration of programmatic and administrative work streams and to ensure that progress toward critical milestones remains on track.
  • Manage all funds allocated to the compact program properly, taking all necessary precautions to eliminate the potential for conflicts of interest, fraud or corruption, and otherwise ensure that MCA-Mongolia maintains compliance with all policies and standards and exercises the highest degree of ethical and professional conduct at all times.
  • Organize regular meetings of the MCA-Mongolia Board of Directors; ensure the timely preparation and distribution of periodic written reports; ensure full updates to the Board on the status, progress, issues, and risks related to the implementation of the compact program; participate actively in the discussion and formulation of policies by the Board; and faithfully relay guidance from the Board to MCA-Mongolia and other stakeholders.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact on behalf of the Government of Mongolia in its relations with MCC, and ensure that MCA-Mongolia collaborates closely with the Government of Mongolia and with MCC, and that perspectives are shared in order to align expectations among parties.
  • Take steps to ensure that MCA-Mongolia produces and disseminates useful information on the compact program and its implementation; lead public outreach efforts; and serve as a highly visible representative of MCA-Mongolia to the general public.
  • Build and maintain strong connections with civil society, the private sector, international development partners, and other constituencies, establishing the presence of MCA-Mongolia and building networks of collaboration and partnership.



  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, public administration, public policy, economics, management or a similar field. Master’s degree or other advanced degree preferred.

Work Experience:

  • Twelve (12) years or more of prior experience working in senior management roles, including experience in government administration, business management or project implementation in an entity with an annual budget of at least ten (10) million US Dollars.
  • Prior experience in successfully managing or overseeing complex, multidisciplinary, multi-million-dollar infrastructure projects.
  • Prior experience with the implementation of economic development projects funded by the government or by an international development partner.
  • Proven ability to create a compelling strategic vision; provide regular guidance; and motivate a staff of fifteen (15) or more professional employees.
  • Proven ability to develop, engage and maintain productive relationships with a broad range of stakeholders in the public and private sectors in Mongolia, including both national and local officials.
  • Proven ability to work in close coordination with senior public officials, to effectively communicate, represent and advance goals, and to ensure the delivery of results in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Demonstrated familiarity with the administrative and public financial management systems used by the Government of Mongolia.
  • Sound professional judgment and strong leadership, organization, management and interpersonal skills.
  • Integrity, professional conduct and ethical behavior.

Communication and Languages

  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively (in English and Mongolian), both orally and in writing. English language proficiency at ILR Level 4 or above is preferred.


  • Dynamic and experienced leader with significant management experience in a corporation, government agency, or philanthropic entity and a proven track record for effective team management and results-driven leadership;
  • Develop teams, set strategic division, and motivate employees to maximize quality of work and achieve goals;
  • Strong organizational skills and results orientation. Be able to translate Compact strategy and objectives into strategic vision, targets and goals;
  • Make structural or organizational changes as needed, to move the work forward and meet the needs of the situation;
  • Build consensus and relationships among executives, partners, and the workforce;
  • Demonstrate accountability for achieving results that have a development impact and financial, environmental and social sustainability;
  • Identify and propose solutions to mitigate and manage risks;
  • Proven negotiation skills;
  • Understand new issues quickly and make wise decisions;
  • Inspire confidence and create trust;
  • Work under pressure, plan personal workload effectively and delegate work to subordinates;
  • Analyze facts and data to support sound, logical decisions regarding own and others’ work.


If you wish to be considered for this position, please forward a copy of your CV and a supporting letter in Microsoft Word format, along with any relevant documentation to  [email protected] on or before the 10th September, 2018 or submit your application via the "Application Form" portal below. All information will be in the strictest confidence as we pride ourselves on our professional service. We will revert to you as soon as feasible when we have reviewed your application.

Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, sex, national origin, or disability.  No fees will be paid to MCA- Mongolia or any of its agents at any stage of the recruitment process (application, interview, processing, training fees or other).

For a more detailed information about the role including the recruitment process, kindly access the Executive Brief by cutting and pasting the following link to your browser:


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