Tackling Food Security Concerns


In order to cater for the increase of 1 billion people by the year 2050, food production must grow by 70%. Today, 1 billion people face food security issues. This is the key focus for the UN with the new sustainable development goals.

According to the World Health Organisation, food security centers around three main elements: food availability, food access and food use. Although there is enough food to feed everyone across the world, the main issue lies in food distribution. A lack of food security can lead to irreversible health concerns as well as posing damaging socio-economic consequences.

China represents 19% of the world’s population, and 14% of the global GDP. Strategically, China is the world’s largest producer of pork and has remained self-sufficient in this over the years. Additionally, global corn exports have increased in 15 years from 58 million tonnes to 132 million tonnes.

Although the future of food security is unclear, what is apparent is the need for scientific research into the adaption of agriculture for future challenges. The UN faces a huge challenge in tackling food security head on in the hopes of making a difference globally.