Productivity tips for working from home

There’s a new norm for many professionals around the world; getting to work no longer requires leaving the house. As this newly remote workforce enters their kitchens, living rooms, and other spaces serving as at-home offices, it will take some adjustment to find the best way to keep up focus and productivity.

Because SRI Executive is made up of a global team, several of us have worked remotely for years. Our remote-working team members know that, even with all the advice out there, each work-from-home situation is different. It will take some time to find what suits you so that you can stay on-task in an environment that used to be for relaxing. Below is some of our remote team’s advice for finding your motivation and stay productive.


Worling from home feet coffee table

The best thing you can do is find a routine.

One that works for you, and is effective at signalling when work starts and when it ends. For many of us, our commute was the time to get into the mindset for the day ahead. What may work well when it’s your first experience working from home regularly is to mirror as best you can what you what normally do before heading to the office.

This might mean getting up at the same time, following the same morning schedule of exercise, shower, getting dressed (we recommend you do), breakfast, coffee, etc. If you walked or cycled to work, perhaps go for a quick walk or hop on your bicycle. If chatting with your colleagues while your computer booted up was a vital part of your morning, try finding a buddy who feels the same way and have a call first thing. Whatever it was that got you into work mode before, re-creating it can help you adapt to this new situation.

Similarly, when your day finishes, it is important to have a routine for “leaving work”—whether this is a sign-off call, closing all of your apps, clearing your workspace, or anything else to switch out of work mode.

Jogger in park

Exercise during the day.

Even with the extra time in our days without our commute, it’s easy to forget to move. No doubt it’s more important than ever for our mental health and wellness to sweat it out.

If you’re struggling to focus, find out why.

Unsure how to structure your day? Perhaps set yourself timelines and deadlines, or set a weekly schedule. Lacking creativity? If you can, get out for a  walk for some stimulation. Solitude got you down? The solution may be to call a colleague for a chat to get out of your own head.

Advice for parents working from home.

With widespread school closures, many parents are adjusting not only to remote work, but also to a full integration of their professional and family lives. For those who are at home with children, working from home may mean creative working hours to allow time to focus without disruption. This might mean starting days earlier, signing off in late afternoon, and coming back for some time in the evening.


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