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The Pacific Community (SPC) Noumea, New Caledonia

About The Pacific Community (SPC)

The Pacific Community (SPC) is the principal scientific and technical organisation in the Pacific region, proudly supporting development since 1947. The SPC is an international development organisation owned and governed by our 26 country and territory members.
In pursuit of sustainable development to benefit Pacific people, this unique organisation works across more than 25 sectors. SPC is renowned for its knowledge and innovation in such areas as fisheries science, public health surveillance, geoscience, and conservation of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture.
Much of SPC’s focus is on major cross-cutting issues, such as climate change, disaster risk management, food security, gender equality, human rights, non-communicable diseases, and youth employment. Using a multi-sector approach in responding to their members’ development priorities, we draw on skills and capabilities from around the region and internationally and support the empowerment of Pacific communities and sharing of expertise and skills between countries and territories.
MissionThe SPC works for the well-being of Pacific people through the effective and innovative application of science and knowledge, guided by a deep understanding of Pacific Island contexts and cultures.
Vision: The SPC’s Pacific vision is for a region of peace, harmony, security, social inclusion and prosperity, so that all Pacific people can lead free, healthy and productive lives. This is a shared vision for the Pacific under the Framework for Pacific Regionalism.
 You can find further details on their website http://www.spc.int

Why Work With SPC

SPC is the largest Intergovernmental organization in the South Pacific region.  It offers an amazing opportunity to work with all Pacific Island countries and territories, together with SPC’s founding Member States and international development partners, and contribute to the key issues that make a difference to the lives and livelihoods of the communities living in this region. SPC has full mandate across all the SDGs. SPC Headquarters in Noumea, New Caledonia, is very welcoming culturally and a lovely place to live for families.  Housing facilities are offered and the team is great to be with.  

Role Purpose

The Director of Finance is the most senior finance position in SPC and is responsible for the organization's financial and budgetary matters. His/her role is to provide authoritative advice on the development of SPC's financial strategy and annual budget, to formulate and implement financial policy for the organization, to ensure the integrity and efficiency of the organization's financial and accounting systems, and to ensure timely and accurate financial and management reporting to the Senior Leadership Team, the Audit and Risk Committee and SPC's governing bodies in compliance with SPC's Regulations and Rules and accounting standards (IPSAS). 
The Director of Finance is a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), the SLT Budget Committee and the OMD Leadership Team.
Organisation Context
As SPC’s Chief Financial Officer, the Director of Finance is responsible for formulating financial policy for the Organisation, for reviewing SPC's budgetary, financial, and accounting operations and for the development of organisation-wide financial strategy, and metrics tied to that strategy. The Director of Finance is also responsible for the ongoing development and monitoring of internal control systems designed to preserve SPC’s assets and guarantee the quality and reliability of financial and management reporting, timely feedback on the achievement of operational and strategic goals and compliance with SPC’s Regulations and Rules. The Director of Finance is also responsible for the collection from the different information systems and areas of SPC of the financial and accounting data necessary for the preparation of the Organisation's financial statements and for the preparation of the Budget and corresponding performance reports. S/he will have full access to such systems and data. The Director of Finance ensures that the financial statements are in compliance with SPC’s Regulations and Rules, the accounting standards adopted by SPC (IPSAS) as well as the decisions of the Senior Leadership Team, Audit and Risk Committee and SPC’s governing body and certifies, together with the Director General or delegate, the Organisation’s financial statements.
The Director of Finance provides authoritative advice to the Director-General and Deputy Directors-General, together with the Senior Leadership Team, the Audit and Risk Committee and SPC’s governing body, on the preparation of budget proposals and financial statements.
The Director of Finance is a member of SPC’s Senior Leadership Team. The position provides support for effective decision making, resource allocation, external compliance, organizational reform, and improved efficiency across the organization.

Duties and Responsibilities

The position of Director of Finance encompasses the following major functions or Key Result Areas:
1.    Leadership and management
2.    Financial planning and analysis
3.    Financial policies, systems & processes & procedures development
4.    Financial reporting
5.    Financial Risk management and scenario planning

The requirements in the above Key Result Areas are broadly identified overleaf.
The Director of Finance is accountable for:
Leadership and Management
  • Engage the governing body, Director-General, Deputy Director-General (O&I) and Senior Leadership Team on trends and changes in SPC's business model.
  • Participate as an active member of the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Provide analytical thinking to support robust decision-making pertaining to strategic initiatives, business model and operational execution.
  • Maintain quality relations with all members of the Senior Leadership Team through demonstrated business judgment combined with an ability to effectively influence others.
  • Lead the development of the Finance Department’s annual workplan, including the development of and delivery on annual staff work plans and performance standards monitoring, mentoring and development of finance section staff.
  • Provide active management of staff within the Finance Department. 
  • Meet regularly with division managers and with division finance staff to inform and resolve issues.
  • Represent the Organization to financial partners, including members, donors, auditors, public officials, etc.
  • Lead the ongoing application of International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) and guide staff, as required, on the implementation of any new, or revised, standards.
  • Providing authoritative advice to the Director-General, the Deputy Director-General (O&I), the Senior Leadership Team, the Audit and Risk Committee as well as SPC’s governing body on the preparation of budget proposals, financial statements, and on policies concerning accounting, financial controls, and risk management.
Financial planning and analysis
  • Develop and utilize forward-looking, predictive models and activity based financial analysis to provide insight into the organization’s operations and business plans, including financial requirements.
  • Under the authority of the DDG (O&I), prepare and coordinate the work of the SLT budget committee, the Investment Committee and lead the development of short, medium, and long-term financial plans and projections and the organization's annual budget.
  • Provide strategic advice to the DG, DDG (O&I) and governing bodies on SPC's financial position and strategy.
Financial policy, processes, and procedures
  • Establish, in coordination with senior leadership, rules, procedures and methodology concerning preparation of the organization's budget and corresponding performance reports.
  • Issue the budget guidelines and coordinate the complete budget preparation process, including the integration of any additional information and tables required by senior leadership or requested by SPC’s governing body. Ensure that the budget is prepared in a timely manner and is available to the Director-General, Deputy Directors-General and Audit and Risk Committee for their respective review.
  • Oversee treasury function including investments, cash forecast planning. 
  • Ensure maintenance of appropriate internal controls and financial procedures.
  • Coordinate audits and oversee the proper custodianship of all financial documents/instruments.
  • Lead the development and continuous improvement of SPC's financial policies and rules.
  • Lead the continuous improvement of SPC's financial processes, procedures, and systems
  • Work in liaison with Corporate ICT and, when necessary, external ICT professionals, in the areas of infrastructure, workstation applications and enterprise applications, to provide an effective ICT environment for SPC’s finance systems, including decentralised and regional operations.
  • Assure the integrity, appropriateness, and effectiveness of SPC's financial information systems, recognising the specific challenges posed by the decentralised nature of SPC's operations.
  • Ensure regular reviews of finance services/systems and the integration of SPC’s financial system with other corporate information systems.
  • Work with other sections to develop corporate project information databases including that of pipeline funding.
  • Oversee the maintenance and incremental development of SPC’s full cost recovery model.
  • Monitor service delivery, customer responsiveness.
Financial reporting
  • Oversee the preparation and communication of monthly and annual financial statements.
  • Oversee the preparation of donor financial statements by finance section or divisional finance staff.
  • Ensure timeliness, accuracy, and usefulness of financial and management reporting for the Director-General, SLT, Audit and Risk Committee and CGRA.
  • Present financial reports to the SLT and governing bodies.
Financial Risk management and scenario planning
  • Understand and mitigate key elements of the Organization’s financial risk profile through effective cooperation with the internal audit function among others.

The Director of Finance is successful when:
  • Working relationships with all SPC offices are effective and any issues managed and resolved.
  • Finance section annual plans are delivered, and performance standards met.
  • There is a positive and productive culture across the Finance team.
  • SPC’s annual funding is forecast with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Strategies for guaranteeing SPC’s long term sustainable funding are developed and implemented successfully.
  • Cash requirements are met, and unused cash appropriately invested; interest income targets achieved or exceeded.
  • Internal control issues raised by internal and external auditors are promptly resolved; improved control systems and practices; operating efficiencies achieved.
  • Technical advice provided meets the needs of the executive and other clients.
  • Processing standards are met (in terms of quality and timeliness).
  • Monthly management and other reports such as donor financial reports provided as required.
  • Reports for Audits are prepared in line with donor requirements and audit standards met.
  • SPC’s financial risks are analysed and managed efficiently in conjunction with all relevant partners. Risk scenarios are modelled, and management measures put in place

  • The above performance standards are provided as a guide only. The precise performance measures for this position will need further discussion between the jobholder and supervisor as part of the performance development process.
Work Complexity:
Most challenging duties typically undertaken:
1.    Development of the Organisation’s financial strategy and budget in a dynamic and challenging funding environment.
2.    Engagement with multiple stakeholders, both internally and externally, on issues relating to SPC’s financial situation.
3.    Manage and mitigate the impact of currency fluctuations on SPC’s financial position.

Functional Relationship Skills:
Key external contacts are:
  • Member countries and territories
  • External Auditors
  • Banks, Vendors, Debtors, consultants
  • Regulatory authorities
  • Donor partners
  • Audit and Risk Committee
Key internal contacts are:
  • Director-General
  • Deputy Director-General (Operations and Integration)
  • Senior Leadership Team
  • OMD Leadership Team
  • Internal Audit Unit
  • Programme /Section Managers 
  • Finance Team (all locations) 
  • Divisional finance & administrative staff 
  • Project teams for specific purpose
  • All Staff
Level of Delegation:
The position holder’s delegations under the Instrument of Delegations are extensive and include:
  • expenditure to EUR 400,000 Euro
  • opening bank accounts
  • authorizing short-term low risk investments up to EUR 5,000,000

Education, Qualifications & Experience 

  • Advanced degree in business or public administration, finance, or accounting. A first degree with a combination of minimum 12 years of relevant experience would be considered.
  • Professional qualification in accounting (CPA, CA or equivalent)
  • At least ten years (10) of progressively responsible experience in financial management under international accounting standards such as IPSAS/IFRS, including accounting, budgeting, treasury, and investment at the organizational corporate level, with at least three years (3) as a Director of Finance/CFO or equivalent
  • Knowledge and experience in internal control and risk management
  • Demonstrated experience in driving improvements and streamlining systems, in a complex environment
  • Excellent leadership, change management and staff management skills
  • Demonstrated cultural sensitivity and awareness, and the ability to effectively work with team members from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Fluency in oral and written English
  • At least 5 years of experience in both private and public sectors in organizations with annual budgets of at least USD 100 million is desirable
  • Experience in international development organizations is desirable
  • Fluency in French is highly desirable

Key Skills/Attributes/Job Specific Competencies:

Expert level
  • Financial management
  • Leadership 
  • Strategic awareness and planning
  • Decision making and problem solving
  • People management skills
  • Political awareness
Advanced level
  • Cross-cultural skills and ability to work with team members from different cultural backgrounds
  • Collaboration and consultation 
  • Negotiation and influencing skills
  • Change management
Working Knowledge
  • Computer skills
  • Ability to understand and explain business models and financial strategy
  • SPC Regulations and Policies

Key Behaviours 
All employees are measured against the following Key Behaviours as part of Performance Development:
  • Change and Innovation 
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Promotion of Equity and Equality
  • Judgement
  • Building Individual Capacity
Personal Attributes
  • High level of professional integrity and ethics
  • Friendly demeanour
  • Demonstrated high level commitment to customer service

Terms of Appointment

This vacant position is budgeted for 3 (three) years and is subject to renewal depending on funding and performance.

Role Location

Noumea, New Caledonia

How to Apply

If you wish to be considered for this position, please complete the Application Form below on or before 13 December 2021. In addition, we encourage you to please attach a copy of the most recent English version of your CV.
All information will be treated in the strictest confidence. If you have an initial query rather than an application, kindly email us at [email protected] 

SRI Executive is exclusively retained by SPC to undertake this assignment.

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