Counterpart Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Liberia Electricity Corporation Monrovia, Liberia

About the LEC 

The Liberia Electricity Corporation is a public utility entity created in 1973 by the Government of the Republic of Liberia through an act of Legislature with a mandate to produce and supply economical and reliable electric power to the entire nation, while at the same time maintaining the corporation’s financial viability. Intrinsic in this mandate is the responsibility for improving and expanding the system to meet future growth. LEC therefore has the responsibility of ensuring that efficient, reliable, and affordable electric power is available not only to meet the increasing demand for electric energy in Liberia but also to serve as a catalyst for socio- economic development.
You can find further details on their website https://lecliberia.com/.


Chief Executive Officer Role Profile 

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) shall have overall primary responsibility and accountability for the day-to-day leadership and operational management of LEC, ensuring that the executive management team performs all the services that the Corporation is required to provide but not limited to: 
  • Generation, transmission, distribution operations
  • Supply, billing, and collection
  • Customer services
  • Finance and accounting
  • Corporate services
  • Internal audit
The CEO is responsible for keeping the executive management team and the Board of Directors fully informed of the activities of and matters of importance to LEC.
The CEO shall be fully accountable to LEC’s Board of Directors for the achievement of the Corporation strategies, plans, and objectives.


Duties and Responsibilities

The CEOs responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Identify key strategic objectives, long-range strategic plans, governance structure and objectives for the Corporation and for each business unit within the Corporation
  • Development, implementation, and delivery of identified strategies and objectives
  • Development of key performance indicators and milestones to measure the progress and delivery of identified strategies and objectives
  • Lead the implementation of the Corporation’s strategy
  • Direct and provide guidance on the Corporation’s Day to day operations
  • Oversee implementation of the Corporation’s risk management strategy, ensuring that institutional and operational risks are identified, managed, and mitigated
  • Set the Corporation’s ethical tone and institutional commitment to zero tolerance for corruption, financial mismanagement, and other forms of misconduct
  • Lead and demonstrate the Foundation’s commitment to inclusiveness and tolerance in its vision, service delivery and institutional operations
  • Promote responsible stewardship of environmental resources
  • Promote Social and Gender Inclusion across LEC and its activities; Support the strengthening of the LEC Gender and Social Inclusion Unit
  • Promote a work culture that is aligned with LEC’s Values and strategic direction and is responsive to the Health and Safety of workers and the public
  • Ensure that the Corporation has efficient systems for implementing and monitoring its project portfolio
  • Manage the overall operation of LEC’s generation, transmission and distribution assets and ensure that such operations are executed with high levels of safety and quality while encouraging continuous improvement
  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations and agreements including environmental health and safety and technical compliance
  • Manage ongoing generation, transmission, and distribution projects
  • Ensure the implementation and/or the development of (as per direction of the Board)
  • Support and/or designate staff to support related monitoring and evaluation efforts outlined in the Liberia Compact’s Monitoring and Evaluation Plan, including regular reporting requirements, supporting independent evaluations, participating in data quality reviews, and taking action to remedy weaknesses that have been identified
  • Ensure that the Corporation has the right talent in terms of competence and other attributes both for current and emerging needs
  • Act as a liaison between LEC management and the Board of LEC
  • Communicate effectively with LEC shareholders, employees, Government authorities, other stakeholders, and the public
  • Ensure that the Board of Directors are properly informed, and that sufficient information is provided to it to make appropriate decisions
  • Ensure the integrity of all public disclosure by the Corporation
  • In concert with the Chairman of the Board, develop Board agendas
  • Ensure appropriate management support to the Board for effective discharge its oversight responsibilities
  • Provide leadership in the implementation of Board decisions
  • Regularly apprise the Board of the Foundation’s risk management efforts, including strategic and operational risks
  • Provide leadership in the management of the Corporation’s financial resources to ensure a sustainable institutional financial position
  • Ensure that the expenditures of LEC are within the authorized annual budget of LEC
  • Assess the principal risks of LEC and ensure that these risks are being monitored and managed
  • Ensure that effective internal controls and management information systems are in place
  • Negotiate and enter any necessary technical, service, development, or employment/appointment contracts, subject to compliance with LEC’s policies and practices
  • Ensure that LEC has appropriate systems to enable it to conduct its activities both lawfully and ethically
  • Abide by internally established control systems and authorities, led by personal example, and encourage all personnel to conduct their activities in accordance with all applicable laws and the Corporation’s standards and policies, including its environmental, safety and health policies
  • Represent LEC within Liberia and abroad (as necessary)
  • Articulate and secure buy-in of the Corporation’s vision, mission, and strategic directions across a wide range of internal and external stakeholders
  • Lead the development of innovative approaches to leveraging the LEC’s brand within the Liberian landscape to generate additional revenue sources
  • Engender credibility and legitimacy as the chief spokesperson for the Corporation on all issues
  • Any other tasks as determined by the Board of Directors

Key clients and stakeholders:

Internal Stakeholders include but are not limited to:
  • Board of LEC
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Executive Director team
  • Functional managers
  • Operations teams
  • Support Function teams
  • Commercial team
  • Finance team
Key External Stakeholders include but are not limited to:
  • Contractors, OEMs, and Owner’s engineers
  • Government departments
  • Government working groups and sub-working groups
  • Government agencies
  • Donor Agencies
  • Other utilities

Required Competencies

  • Awareness and sensitivity to multinational exposures and cultures; including the ability to lead and manage such teams
  • Proven interpersonal and relationship building skills
  • Excellent leadership skills – ability to lead and build the Operations and Support Functions teams into dedicated and enthusiastic units
  • External focus and inclusiveness
  • Effective analytical, organizational, confidentiality, multitasking and interpersonal skills
  • Strong communications skills, excellent customer service, conflict resolution, and writing skills

Qualifications and Experience

  • An Engineering degree or similar technical qualification, and advanced degree is strongly preferred
  • Bachelor’s Degree (third level of education - University Degree) in Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Engineering or Law from an accredited university and/or specialized institution
  • Twenty (20) + years relevant experience with at least ten (10) years’ experiences in a senior leadership position with experience in general management of electric utilities, project management and budgetary oversight
  • Twenty (20) + years relevant utility/energy sector experience with a strong focus on
  • generation, transmission and distribution operations, project management, budget, and cost
  • management disciplines, safety, quality, compliance, and regulation
  • Five (5) + years’ experience of electrical utility management at a senior level in Sub-Saharan Africa or other emerging / post war country (non-OECD countries)
  • Proven track record in the leading and management of Operational and Support Function teams
  • Solid track record of successful delivery of projects
  • Previous experience liaising with government departments and donor agencies

Terms of Appointment

This is a full-time position with the successful candidate being contracted on a 3-year basis with the possibility of renewal. Salary is competitive and commensurate with qualifications and experience. A pension plan paid to NASSCORP in Liberia is included in the benefits package.

Location: Monrovia, Liberia 

How to Apply 

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