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Global Health Council Washington D.C, United States

About Global Health Council

Established in 1972, Global Health Council (GHC) is the leading membership organization supporting and connecting advocates, implementers, and stakeholders around global health priorities worldwide. GHC represents the collaborative voice of the community on key issues; GHC convenes stakeholders around key priorities and actively engages with decision-makers to influence global health policy.

GHC's members serve to raise awareness and catalyze action around important global health issues. From being active participants in our advocacy work to highlighting critical global health issues in the developing world, GHC members make up an important constituency driving forward the global health agenda.

The members are diverse, operate in more than 150 countries worldwide, and represent many sectors, including academic institutions & think tanks, associations, and coalitions, contractors and consulting firms, corporations and corporate foundations, and non-governmental implementers. This diversity of membership is what makes GHC's presence within the global health landscape so strong and is the basis for many of GHC's activities and approaches.

Additionally, GHC works closely in partnership with a number of other organizations that are key stakeholders in the global health space. These include other coalitions and alliances, government agencies, and multilateral institutions.

Moreover, Global Health Council:
Provides a fact-based platform for a shared voice on cross-cutting global health issues.
Promotes and catalyzes an inclusive community of diverse people and organizations.
Challenges the status quo, connects visionaries and implementers, and calls for action with global and local impact.
Champions results-oriented, measureable, person-centered solutions that drive sustainable health equity with funder and implementer accountability.
Promotes collaborative action reflecting our commitment to human development through better health worldwide.

You can find further details on GHC's website https://globalhealth.org/ including GHC's Roadmap 2030 and A New Vision for Healthcare

President and CEO Role Profile 

The President and CEO of Global Health Council ('GHC') supports the mission and advances the organization's strategies and directives while expanding visibility and thought leadership. They will provide visionary leadership and strategic direction on all programmatic, operational, and financial matters. The President and CEO creates and implements highly targeted, effective programs while overseeing and managing the organization's budget and resources. Success relies on enthusiastic and positive hands-on leadership with an entrepreneurial spirit that will create a sustainable future for GHC.

This position provides a unique opportunity to build upon GHC's past accomplishments and, working in collaboration with a dynamic secretariat team, the Board, members, and the broader community to move GHC forward, forging new partnerships, deepening alliances, and bolstering longstanding champions focused on global health. The President and CEO will communicate a bold new vision, advocate for change, and engage and inspire existing and new domestic and international partners.

The Board seeks a dynamic and inspirational leader with the ambition, vision, and grit to embrace the challenges of the future in the wake of Covid-19 and to raise the organization to even higher levels of operational excellence and impact. The President and CEO will be politically astute, with excellent diplomatic and networking skills, and experience in high-level representation with a demonstrated ability to mobilize political and financial support for the goals of GHC.

Key Accountabilities 

Leadership, Management, and Governance
• Provides overall management and leadership for the organization's members and staff.
• Effectively manages financial resources and projects by setting priorities, establishing metrics, delegating responsibility, ensuring accountability, and allocating resources appropriately to achieve desired results.
• Participates in the development and execution of the Strategic Plan approved by the Board.
• Ensures GHC maintains a spirit of coalition-building as the collective voice for global health, with a special emphasis on Washington, D.C.-based policy, and advocacy as well as engagement with multilateral partnerships focused on global health outside of D.C.
• Ensures that all activities and programs are aligned with GHC's core values of integrity, service, and commitment to member transparency.
• Provides effective oversight to ensure alignment with Global Impact, which provides financial and administrative services for GHC.
• Collaborates regularly with the Board of Directors and builds successful relationships with them.

• Anticipates and identifies global health opportunities and/or challenges and develops strategies to address them that engage and leverage member expertise and interests.
• Represents GHC effectively across a broad constituency of domestic and international leaders and stakeholders.
• Effectively builds and manages external relationships with organizations, governments, and individuals both in the U.S. and worldwide.
• Effectively partners with a broad range of constituents from both the public and private sector.
• Demonstrates personal leadership to advocate for protecting and expanding the current U.S. budget for global health.

• Communicates GHC's mission to a wide audience of stakeholders and inspires and motivates its constituencies to achieve the Strategic Plan.
• Utilizes positive influence to actively engage, retain, and grow the GHC membership.
• Acts as the chief spokesperson for GHC to further its reputation as a visible and recognized leader in global health.

Development and External Relations
• Assumes the role of chief fundraiser and leads the solicitation of funds and grants from individuals, corporations, foundations, and governments.
• Serves as relationship manager for strategic partnerships important to fundraising and increasing visibility for the organization.

Qualifications and Requirements

• A minimum of 10 years in a senior management and leadership role with similar organizations, including a strong record of operational performance, skill in setting priorities, managing budgets, and working with Boards of Directors. Global health field experience is essential.
• Demonstrated successful, progressive public policy work experience with proven ability to understand the global health landscape and key issues, recognize emerging issues, assess opportunities, and coordinate a GHC response.
• Ability to develop and implement a sound business strategy and at the same time be comfortable working hands-on in all aspects of the organization.
• Recognized strategic, global thinker with a deep commitment to the values and mission of GHC, including GHC's strong commitment to diversity, and the ability to influence, inspire confidence, build consensus, and work successfully with a diverse global audience.
• A successful background in advocacy with the U.S. Congress and Administration that includes building and maintaining influential relationships and demonstrated understanding of the complexity of the political climate that impacts support for investments in global health.
• Demonstrated track record of effectively managing high-level relationships with a sophisticated understanding of U.S. and international affairs and policy environments.
• Exceptional interpersonal skills indicated by the ability and desire to develop and maintain deep relationships with diverse constituents.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills with the capability to present ideas clearly and convincingly.
• The ability to inspire trust and communicate sound reasoning in an authentic and persuasive manner. 
• Successful organizational fundraising experience with a proven track record of cultivating institutional and individual donors is strongly preferred.
• A graduate degree preferably in public health, international relations, or related field.
• Proficiency in French or Spanish a plus for building relationships with global health partners.
• International experience living and/or working abroad as an expatriate or regular TDY, strongly preferred.

Required Competencies

• Strategic Thinking
• Business Acumen
• Fundraising Skills
• Results Driven
• Leadership
• Decision Making
• Financial Management
• Problem Solving/Analysis
• Collaboration Skills
• Coalition orientation / management


Terms of Appointment

This is a full-time position for the successful candidate. Salary is competitive and commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Location: Washington D.C, USA

How to Apply

If you wish to be considered for this position, please complete the Application Form below on or before 8 June 2021. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence. 

If you have an initial query rather than an application, kindly email us at [email protected] 

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