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About Trickle Up

Founded in 1979, Trickle Up is a pioneer and leader in helping women start on a pathway out of extreme poverty, vulnerability, and marginalization.  Under the maxim “We Go Further,” Trickle Up is distinguished by its unwavering commitment to reach “last mile” populations who are not adequately served by existing government and NGO programs -- people living far below the $1.90/day threshold for extreme poverty, with particular focus on women and girls, refugees, the displaced, persons with disabilities, as well as indigenous and marginalized ethnic groups.

Central to its strategy to scale its impact, Trickle Up seeks to help change the systems that trap people in extreme poverty. It partners with national and local governments, multilateral institutions, and global INGOs to help ensure that their reach includes the poorest and most vulnerable by applying program approaches that Trickle Up and its peers have demonstrated to be highly effective. Current or recent scale partners and funders include state-level National Rural Livelihoods Mission programs in India; USAID and AVSI in Uganda; municipal governments in Guatemala; the UN Refugee Agency and US State Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration; and the World Bank and governments in the Sahel.

Since 2006, Trickle Up has been a leader in developing and promoting the Graduation Approach, which is now applied in dozens of countries. Trickle Up’s experience in three regions of the world with diverse populations has given it particular expertise in adapting and integrating the Graduation Approach in diverse contexts.

Trickle Up’s program approach integrates livelihoods/microenterprise development, financial inclusion, access to social protection entitlements, and engagement in community decision-making. Trickle Up has an impressive body of evidence demonstrating its effectiveness, as well as earning support by leading funders, the World Bank, and other influential institutions. Trickle Up is committed to robust monitoring, evaluation, research, and learning and has worked with leading research specialists including Innovations for Poverty Action, Ecosur, and others.

With annual income of $6-8 million in recent years, and a global staff of 50-70, Trickle Up has generated outsized results – as measured by demonstrable impact on people’s lives, the number of participants reached, the number and quality of our government, implementing partners and funders, and our leadership position in the Graduation community.  Over the past three years, Trickle Up and its partners have served more than 200,000 participants (nearly all women) in West Africa, Uganda, Central America, and South Asia – with an estimated 1,000,000 people benefitting over the history of the organization.

Trickle Up’s HQ is in New York City, it also has offices in Washington DC, India and Guatemala; an office in Burkina Faso was recently suspended due to financial and security factors. Offices outside the USA are staffed by host-country nationals.  Major funders include MetLife Foundation, USAID, Walmart Foundation, Whole Planet (Whole Foods) Foundation, and Tata Group.

You can find further details at https://trickleup.org/.

Role Profile

The President will need to be an exceptional leader – inspirational, collaborative, disciplined, courageous, humble, empathetic, open-minded so that Trickle Up – at the individual and organizational levels – can realize its full potential.

Through the President’s leadership, Trickle Up will increase its funding, strategic partnerships, and engagements to increase its impact. The ideal candidate will have deep expertise and experience in the development/humanitarian sector and be able to bring new funding and partner relations to Trickle Up. They will have demonstrated experience in strategy and change management, able to help Trickle Up thrive in a future in which changes occur in the development sector, funding, technology, etc.  will require all INGOs to adapt. Most importantly, they will be passionate about Trickle Up’s mission, committed to utilizing their skills and experience to drive Trickle Up ever further.

Trickle Up is well-positioned for greater impact and scale.  The opportunity for the next President will be to leverage existing scale partnerships and establish new ones; pursue innovation in climate change resilience, program impact, and technology; further decentralize Trickle Up’s organization; and build upon Trickle Up’s position as a leader in its field and as a robust contributor to the collective impact of organizations that share the mission of ending extreme poverty.


The President is the head of the Leadership Council, the 7-member senior management team representing program management, research and evaluation, finance and operations, individual fundraising, business development, and regional programs.  Bios of the Leadership Council members can be found here: Leadership Council Bios. The Director of Communications also reports to the President.

The President reports to the Trickle Up Board, working closely with the Board Chair.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Inform and inspire the Trickle Up global team, keeping mission front-and-center, ensuring alignment on strategy and annual plans, and leading by example how to live Trickle Up’s values in its daily work.
  • Lead Trickle Up’s Leadership Council to shape organization-wide decisions and share responsibility for Trickle Up’s results and adherence to its mission and values.
  • Support senior management in setting and executing Trickle Up’s annual plan, with emphasis on strategic alignment, disciplined decision-making, inter-departmental collaboration, accountability, risk management, and mission achievement.


  • Provide the board the information it needs to fulfil its governance, oversight, and strategic responsibilities.  Facilitate the board’s review and approval of the annual operating plan and provide timely progress reports on significant finance, fundraising, program, and operational matters.
  • Collaborate with Board Chair to plan agendas for board and Executive Committee meetings; participate in board committee meetings.
  • Support the Board Chair and Nominating Committee on recruitment of new board members with diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and skillsets needed for Trickle Up’s future.

Strategic Direction:

  • Lead Trickle Up in maintaining an ambitious, compelling, and realistic strategic plan – developed in collaboration with staff, board, expert advisers, partners, and current and prospective participants. Be the strategy champion for Trickle Up, to ensure that the organization’s direction is understood and embraced by key internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ensure that Trickle Up’s strategic plan is monitored and adapted on a continuous basis – reflecting its experience, lessons learned, and global and sector trends – and includes the perspectives of partners and participants.
  • Ensure that annual operational plans align with Trickle Up’s strategic plan and program strategies.

Resource Mobilization & Communications:

  • Dedicate a significant portion of their time to building relationships with individual and institutional donors and funding/implementation partners.
  • Support Trickle Up’s institutional and individual fundraising teams in developing and executing resource mobilization strategies, including innovative funding approaches, that can lead Trickle Up to a sustainable annual level of $10+ million.
  • In collaboration with program, resource mobilization, and communications teams, support the development and execution of a communications strategy that advances Trickle Up’s resource mobilization, partnership, and influencing goals.

Representation & Partnerships:

  • Serve as the chief spokesperson for Trickle Up with funders, donors, partners, media, and other stakeholders in the international development, non-profit, and philanthropy sectors to support fundraising growth goals and the organization’s advocacy/influence strategy.
  • Represent Trickle Up and raise its profile at public meetings, conferences, and in the media.
  • Represent Trickle Up at selected associations and networks, including InterAction and the World Bank Partnership for Economic Inclusion.
  • In collaboration with Trickle Up’s program and business development teams, support the development and maintenance of strategic partnerships with governments, multilateral agencies, international NGOs, local NGOs, and major funders.


  • Ensure that Trickle Up has a forward-thinking technology strategy that supports program impact and effectiveness, as well as efficiency in internal operations (finance, HR, information management, etc.)
  • Support the establishment and maintenance of relationships with partners that can help Trickle Up deploy technologies that can increase program impact, improve cost effectiveness, enhance monitoring and evaluation, and increase the efficiency of Trickle Up operational systems.


  • Lead the development, updating, and execution of “best practices” policies and procedures related specifically to Prevention of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse & Harassment (PSEAH) and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), as well as compliance with InterAction or other sector charters for which Trickle Up is a signatory (e.g., InterAction PSEAH and Climate Change compacts).
  • Support the board Governance and Finance Committees to ensure that governance and fiduciary requirements are met and remain aligned with current standards.


  • The President position requires periodic global travel (upon resumption of normal operations) to Trickle Up programs in Latin America, Asia and Africa, as well as other countries for conferences, donor meetings, etc.

Qualifications and Experience

Key Experiences:

  • 15+ years’ experience within the international development, humanitarian, or related sectors, with significant management and leadership responsibility, as well as scale and systems change expertise.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead an organization of Trickle Up’s size (either as a standalone organization or department or country office within a larger organization).
  • Track record of strong fundraising experience in institutional fundraising (required) and individual fundraising (preferred) along with a strong network of contacts.
  • Strong financial management skills, including direct responsibility for budgets comparable to Trickle Up’s.
  • Demonstrated capacity to lead strategy, including a strong understanding of broader trends and forces reshaping international development, and change management processes.
  • Direct experience working closely with and/or managing a non-profit board is desired.
  • Experience building and sustaining partnerships with funders, governments, large INGOs, and other institutions.
  • Direct experience in developing countries -- ideally in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South Asia.
  • Understanding of the roles that technology can have for Trickle Up, as well as the ability to ensure that Trickle Up implements an effective technology strategy.
  • Experience helping teams define and live organizational values, as well as demonstrating adherence to high ethical principles.
  • Knowledge and passion for eradicating extreme poverty, human rights, gender justice, inclusive development – as well as a deep conviction that an organization of Trickle Up’s size can have an outsized impact in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


  • University degree required, with relevant post-graduate degrees a plus.  Additional professional development training a plus.


  • Fluent in English.
  • Proficiency in Spanish, French, or both (desirable).

Terms of Appointment

This is a full-time position. Salary is competitive and commensurate with qualifications and experience. A pension plan, life and medical insurances are included in the benefits package that will be shared with candidates later in the interview process.


Trickle Up’s HQ is in New York and the President role has previously been located in New York. However, the Board is open to considering exceptional candidates who would desire to be based in the USA within easy commuting distance to New York.

Given the current COVID situation, the new President will not be required to relocate until after the resumption of normal operations, based on a timeline agreed upon during the offer stage.

US citizenship or work authorization is preferred.  

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Trickle Up and SRI Executive highly encourage diverse candidates to apply for this role.

Trickle Up believes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to constructing a team that is both reflective of and responsive to the environments and cultures in which we work and represent.  We aim to ensure that many voices are taken into deliberate consideration when decisions are made regarding policies, operations, strategy and all that is related to how an international NGO functions. For us, diversity means differences in race, ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, education, marital status, language, and physical appearance. Our definition also includes diversity of thought: ideas, perspectives, and values. Our commitment is that the people who make up Trickle Up, whether in Asia, Africa, Latin America, or the US – plus the Trickle Up board -- bring perspectives, experiences and opinions that are heard and valued.

SRI Executive is a long-time partner to leading global development organizations and recognizes the considerations and ongoing transformation required to redesign a more equitable and inclusive future for the sector. Increasing diversity within organizations, particularly among governing boards and senior leadership, is integral to our mission to strengthen our partners and enhance global impact. Organizations with diverse talent foster cultures of innovation, creativity, empathy, and effective decision-making. Their impact is greater when they can internally reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.

How to Apply

If you wish to be considered for this position, please complete the Application Form below on or before 23 April 2021. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence as we pride ourselves on our professional service. If you have an initial query rather than an application, kindly email us at [email protected].

SRI Executive is exclusively retained by Trickle Up to undertake this assignment.

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