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The Power of Nutrition London, United Kingdom

About The Power of Nutrition

The Power of Nutrition is a UK-based charitable foundation formed by like-minded investors and implementers committed to ending the cycle of undernutrition and helping children grow to their full potential through new financing and focused action. Their vision is to be a leader in the global efforts to eradicate stunting.

Undernutrition is the underlying cause of 45% of all child mortality. In Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, nearly 4 in 10 children are growing up with stunted bodies and brains. Putting a stop to undernutrition is one of the best means we have to transform children’s health, education and livelihoods.

The Power of Nutrition is working to unlock $1 billion in new financing to transform children’s futures on a scale that few can achieve alone, including substantial co-financing at country level. The Power of Nutrition has a unique matching model in which it matches any dollar raised to make investments in support of national government nutrition programmes, further leveraging funding from implementing partners. The fund launched in April 2015 with support from the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, UBS Optimus Foundation and the UK’s Department for International Development and the first implementing agency partners include the World Bank Group and UNICEF. In 2018, The Power of Nutrition developed partnerships with international NGOs to complement its portfolio with the World Bank and UNICEF.

SRI Executive is exclusively retained by The Power of Nutrition to undertake this search assignment.

You can find further details on their website https://www.powerofnutrition.org/


The Power of Nutrition was set up in 2015, in response to the global burden of stunting in children under five – at that time 160 million children – and to help address the significant under-funding of the nutrition space.

The Power of Nutrition was formed in response to commitments made at the 2013 Nutrition for Growth Summit by our two founding funders, the UK government (DFID), Children’s Investment Fund Foundation. To date these founding funders have committed more than $150m to The Power of Nutrition.

They were soon joined by the UBS Optimus Foundation, another founding partner, as their first investor, and by the World Bank and UNICEF as implementing partners. From formation, they have also worked closely with other organisations with significant expertise and experience tackling undernutrition and stunting.

The first Chief Executive, Martin Short, was appointed by the Board shortly after its formation and since then the organisation has grown to become a strong team of 15 committed individuals with significant experience across the nutrition, financing and international development sectors. 

In the following three years, The Power of Nutrition has made ground-breaking investments in Tanzania (initial priority Country in 2015), Liberia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Ivory Coast and Rwanda and continues to build a healthy pipeline for future investments. The team have raised US$ 50m and through co-financing and close working relationships with their delivery partners, they already have US$ 360m of programmatic interventions underway, with another US$100m in the pipeline. The Power of Nutrition has received awards, including being selected by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as an accelerator in their sponsored goalkeepers’ event at UNGA 2017. 

The organisation has continued to grow through 2018, having surpassed ambitious fundraising goals and is on target to meets its goals to unlock US$ 1billion of new global financing by 2020 and to reach and help 8million children to grow to their full potential through improved nutrition.


Martin Short, Chief Executive Officer
Martin Short has been Chief Executive Officer of the Power of Nutrition since 2015. In that time, he has grown it into a fully operational foundation with new funders and a portfolio of active investments. Martin took up his role after a career in the financial services industry. He was Managing Director at Lion’s Head Global Partners, an Africa-facing merchant bank based in Nairobi and London, where he specialised in agriculture, value chains, parametric insurance, capital markets, impact and innovative finance. Before that, Martin spent 16 years at the Swiss Bank, UBS, where he was a Managing Director in their Capital Markets division and then Alternate Chief Executive Officer in Hong Kong overseeing Debt Capital Markets and Equities. Born in Zambia, Martin has worked in London, Tokyo and Hong Kong over the course of his career. He has a degree in Marine and Freshwater Biology.

Michelle Thompson, Director, Head of Partnerships & Brands
Michelle has been Director of Partnerships & Brands team since October 2015. She is responsible for managing and developing relationships with US Philanthropies and Foundations as well as leading and managing the Partnerships & Brands team. Prior to joining The Power of Nutrition, Michelle had enjoyed a long and extensive career in finance.  Michelle had worked for a number of large financial institutions including UBS and Royal Bank of Scotland, where she spearheaded the capital markets institutional sales efforts in the UK and Benelux regions, leveraging her relationships to introduce new financial products as the markets developed.

Chris Skeet, Finance Director
Chris joined in 2015 and has 20 years’ experience working as an accountant and in financial leadership across multiple sectors. Most recently, he has been working as a financial and business consultant for Not for Profit and commercial clients. Before this, Chris held Financial Director / Company Secretary, Head of Finance and Financial Control roles for Roodlane Medical Group (acquired by HCA International), World-Check.com (acquired by Thomson Reuters) and BP respectively.  Chris has responsibility for all the financial functions and advises Martin Short, Chief Executive on all aspects relating to growing The Power of Nutrition Foundation.  He is a qualified accountant and has an MBA (University of Cape Town) which specialised on business and project planning, and change management, with a dissertation investigating whether the level of motivation amongst SME owners was a significant factor in the success of the business.   

Carla Martins, HR and Operations Director 
Carla joined The Power of Nutrition in March 2016 as Senior Executive Assistant, supporting the CEO. Since July 2018 she took over the responsibility for all HR and Operations activities and is responsible for the provision of a comprehensive and professional Human Resource service, implementation of strategic initiatives and management of operational HR activities. Additionally, Carla organises and oversees all office operations, and ensures the organisation is running effectively. Carla joined Power of Nutrition with more than 20 years’ experience in the private sector, in Operations and Business Support Management roles within different organisations and holds a CIPD Level 7 diploma in Human Resources Management, an MBA in International Management and a Master’s degree in Management.


At the centre of everything the organisation does is the recognition that strong partnerships – made up of diverse organisations that can each bring different skills, resources and experience – can achieve far more to improve nutrition and transform children’s futures than any organisation can do alone.

They pride themselves on introducing new parties to this fundamental development issue, helping to facilitate greater understanding and awareness of undernutrition and related issues. They also seek to find ways for their partners to each bring their own unique skills and experience to bear, helping ensure that the programmes they invest in delivering exceptional results.


In partnership with world class implementing partners, The Power of Nutrition team is proactively identifying new opportunities to scale up evidence-based nutrition interventions (including supplements, services and education) in countries where there is a high burden of undernutrition and stunting.   Programmes funded (such as the ones in Cote d’Ivoire; Ethiopia, Liberia, Madagascar, Rwanda, and Tanzania) have been selected following a detailed due diligence process which have concluded they have a high potential to deliver positive impact.

The Power of Nutrition invests in large scale programmes through its leverage model. Funding from the private sector is doubled through matched platform funding from The Power of Nutrition. The total is matched again through the co-financing agreements with their founding implementation partners (World Band and UNICEF) enabling The Power of Nutrition to multiply the finance from the primary financial investment by four or more times (through the access to new grants and International Development Association (IDA) financing) – delivering a significant positive impact for millions of children.    

This targeted investment in child nutrition offers one of the highest returns in international development:  http://www.copenhagenconsensus.com/post-2015-consensus/nutrition

“Delivering good nutrition at scale to children, protects from stunting which gives children better health, education, and life possibilities.”


The Power of Nutrition team are committed to generating measurable results for children and a clear impact from their investments. To date they have invested in seven countries, where national governments have demonstrated a strong commitment to deliver better nutrition outcomes at scale for poor people.

All programmes have a robust monitoring and evaluation framework to enable assessment of the impact of each evaluation and ensure programmes are on track to deliver agreed targets.  The Power of Nutrition commits to ensuring all investments have clear output and outcomes to enable them to report bi-annually to their funders, how programmes are progressing against the agreed targets. Furthermore, all programmes have independent evaluations to enable The Power of Nutrition and its implementing partners to ascertain how the investment has contributed to the overall goal of stunting reduction and lives saved. 

Alongside these programme evaluations, The Board of The Power of Nutrition has contracted an independent evaluator (Mathematica) to assess the overall impact of the Foundation in improving nutrition and outcomes for child performance over its lifetime.

“Our results will clearly show our progress in unleashing the power of nutrition and maximising lives for generations to come.”

Director, Head of Investments Role Profile  

The Director of Investments will be responsible for ensuring the quality and quantity of investments that The Power of Nutrition makes to help children to realise their full potential. Investments may be made through the public or private sectors. This is a particularly important role in the team.

The Director will have a solid understanding of programme management, including impact evaluation, that will allow him or her to provide evidence of the performance of The Power of Nutrition’s investments to its investors, prospective investors, and the Board. S/he will need to ensure that both investments and programme delivery meet the strict criteria that each investor will be expecting. The ability for The Power of Nutrition to raise further funds will be predicated on the quality, diversity and impact of investments made.

This is a wholesale investment role, and as such, the successful candidate will be expected to bring excellent partnership and influencing skills and an understanding of how to achieve the most out of partnerships with public and private implementing agencies, including the World Bank and UNICEF.

The Director, Head of Investments reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer.


The Director, Head of Investments will have the following key responsibilities:

Strategic leadership

  • Set the strategic direction for The Power of Nutrition in making investments in programming that will help children reach their full potential.
  • Work with The Power of Nutrition’s implementing agency partners to prioritise and refine a pipeline of new investments to be supported by each agency, providing direction, challenge and advice on the design of programmes.
  • Identify additional implementing partners and strategies and negotiate partnership agreements for approval by the Board.
  • Act as a thought leader and communicator to a wide variety of audiences.

Programme development, delivery and portfolio management

  • Lead a focussed team responsible for selecting and managing a portfolio of live investments. By 2020 they aim to have a portfolio in the region of $1 Billion.
  • Conduct a structured evaluation of investment proposals, including additional due diligence, as needed, to ensure that the reputation of The Power of Nutrition is protected.
  • Oversee the preparation of formal proposals and recommendations to The Power of Nutrition Board that will withstand scrutiny.
  • Ensure that appropriate monitoring and evaluation processes are included in all proposals and programmes.
  • Conduct regular reviews with implementing partners of the progress and performance of programmes under delivery to identify problems and delays, and work with partners to develop effective solutions.
  • Present the latest nutrition data and evidence to prospective new investors alongside the Partnerships and Brands team.
  • Continue to build the pipeline of technical experts in the technical advisory panel responsible for independently advising the board on new investments.

Communications and reporting

  • Be a powerful advocate for The Power of Nutrition’s investments.
  • Commit to continuing the advancement of The Power of Nutrition brand, messaging and communication.
  • Work with implementing agency partners to ensure that regular financial and operational reports are submitted on time and in accordance to an agreed Results Framework.
  • Prepare compelling content on investments and progress for the foundation’s website.
  • Work with the implementing agencies to co-host annual stakeholder/steering meetings.

Sector knowledge and profile-building

  • Be a source of knowledge on the nutrition landscape, and particularly in countries where The Power of Nutrition is investing.
  • Keep abreast of developments within the nutrition and international development sectors, including spotting opportunities and challenges to overcome in countries where The Power of Nutrition is working.
  • With a variety of external audiences, act as a respected resource about The Power of Nutrition’s programmes and priority areas.

Membership of the team

  • Provide coaching and mentoring support to colleagues, as required, to help build skills, confidence and capability in particular areas, processes or procedures.
  • Line manage others on the team, including the manager level hires and interns.


  • Excellent strategic thinker with a track record of creating impact at the highest levels.
  • Investing experience within the development sector is essential, and within the for-profit sector preferred.
  • Demonstrable depth of experience in analysis and due diligence across multiple high value investments (multi-$m), policy, planning and programme delivery.
  • Understanding of typical on-the-ground programming bottlenecks and challenges and solutions experienced by our implementing agency partners.
  • Excellent partnership and relationship building skills, including with senior Government, multilateral and bilateral development agency and private sector partners.
  • Knowledge of the evidence relating to programme design and implementation in health, nutrition and related sectors and belief in the importance of evidence-based decision making.
  • Familiarity with a variety of impact measurement, programme monitoring and evaluation approaches.
  • Ability to speak and write with confidence in front of both technically literate and non-technical audiences, investors and policymakers.
  • A self-starter, able to act without close supervision from the CEO.
  • A flexible, innovative problem solver who is unafraid to challenge the status quo.
  • Working knowledge of French an asset.  




Behavior 1

Behavior 2

Behavior 3

Behavior 4

Behavior 5

Working With others

Relates well to all kinds of people, up, down and sideways, inside and outside the organization.  Builds appropriate rapport; Builds constructive and effective relationships using diplomacy and tact; Can diffuse even high-tension situations comfortably.

Seeks ways to connect with difficult people.

Builds appropriate rapport and networks well.

Welcomes opposing views, opinions and perspectives

Exhibits genuine caring for people through actions and decisions.

Uses tact and diplomacy to work effectively with others.

Critical Thinking

Able to objectively examine assumptions and beliefs; Makes decisions that impact problems at their cause rather than just the symptom; Uses a decision-making approach that is fair and accurate; Demonstrates insightful understanding of the organizational context and priorities; Foresees long-term implications of proposed positions.

Uses a decision-making approach that is fair and accurate.

Makes decisions that impact problems at their cause rather than just the symptom.

Demonstrates insightful understanding of the organizational context and priorities

Foresees long-term implications of proposed positions.

Focuses on information that is relevant.

Strategic Thinking

Structure and execute a robust strategy that focusses around partnerships and brand alignment. Take a broad, long-range approach to problem-solving and decision-making that involves objective analysis, thinking ahead, and planning

Thinks and acts strategically every day

Has relevant and broad information and knowledge of the development landscape

Communicates a well-articulated philosophy, mission and goal statement throughout the organisation






Take a broad, long-range approach to problem-solving and decision-making that involves objective analysis, thinking ahead, and planning

Promotes a future perspective for employees by incorporating it into training and development programs; teach people what strategic thinking is and encourage them to ask “why” and “when” questions






Partnerships Focus

Communicates in a positive manner, especially when handling problems or conflict; efficiently obtains additional resources as needed to satisfy investor needs.  Can refer internal or external people to the correct person in the organization.

Acts as the investor/partner advocate internally to meet their needs

Is dedicated to exceeding the expectations and requirements of internal and external "clients".

Establishes and maintains effective relationships with investors and partners by developing mutual trust and respect.

Seeks and receives firsthand investor and partner information and uses it for improvements.

Believes the investor/partner experience is one of the most important indicators of success.

People Focus

Cares about employees and is invested in their success. The individual is respected, valued and empowered.

Leads by example and treats everyone fairly

Trust his/her team; Empowers the team and does not micromanage

Relentlessly upgrade the team, using every encounter as an opportunity to evaluate, coach and build self-confidence. Every day is about growing people. Moreover, care passionately about his/her people.

Creates an Inclusive Team Environment, Showing Concern for Success and Well-Being

Is a Good Communicator—Listen and Share Information


Technical Skills

Understands technical expectations of the job and uses all resources available to improve effectiveness within the organisation.

Understands technical aspects of his/her job.

Keeps skills and knowledge up-to-date pertaining to his/her current role

Leverages technology to improve organisational efficiency or effectiveness.

Is readily available to others for solving functional/technical issues as they arise.

Delivers results consistently and effectively.

Passion for Results and Results Oriented

Can be counted on to exceed expectations on a regular basis; Is constantly and consistently one of the top performers; Very bottom-line oriented; Steadfastly pushes self and others for results. Does everything to be as productive as possible; keeps 100% focused on work; takes initiative to start and complete tasks.

Sets priorities and focuses on what matters most for the assigned project or task. Sets challenging, yet realistic team goals according to organisational priorities

Seeks out the most effective practices to get results efficiently. Takes charge, pushes for action and instills a sense of urgency for achieving objectives.

Enjoys the challenge of working across multiple internal groups to drive change through shared goals. Is willing to change and improve the status quo to meet goals

Knows when to take a risk and seeks long-term healthy results. Believes that performing at the highest level and producing results is critical to personal success.

Is able to effectively delegate work as well as manage focused tasks to get the work done. Understands the business and is focused on the organisation's objectives

Personal Learning or Self-Development

Engages in continuous self-development; Tackles challenges with enthusiasm and determination; Admits mistakes and openly identifies opportunities for personal growth; Knows personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and limits

Understands the value of personal development and its relationship to achieving business results.

Seeks out informal and formal mentors to gain knowledge and to network for future opportunities

Proactively seeks feedback from others and responds appropriately to insights from mistakes.

Isn’t defensive but is receptive to talking about shortcomings and areas of opportunity.

Is open to criticism and looks forward to balanced performance reviews and discussions that will create robust career development opportunities.

Terms of Appointment

This is a full-time, permanent position with the successful candidate to be based in London but is expected to travel both nationally and internationally. The salary is competitive and includes a Discretionary Bonus, Life Insurance, Private Health Care, and Pension (5% contributory).

If you wish to be considered for this position, please forward a copy of your CV in Microsoft Word and PDF format, along with any relevant documentation to Ms. Apoorva Tyagi, at [email protected] before or on April 30th, 2020. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.



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