Leadership Assessment & Development

Unlocking impactful leadership potential on your team

Many global development organisations strive to balance competencies, behaviours and attain a unified culture amongst their people in order to evolve them into a high-performing team. Doing so means investing in an assessment and subsequent development programme that will best set up their teams to drive impact and support their organisation in reaching its strategic goals.

Effective Leadership Assessment and Development allows organisations to select and hire effective leaders, or identify influential leaders within existing teams and develop that potential for the future. Our Leadership Assessment and Development Programme is aimed at engaging people to go beyond their roles. Our team is continuing to deliver services virtually and can enable your organisation and its people to continue to grow despite the current global challenges.

Why SRI Executive?

What we bring: In-depth expertise after working with leaders in international development for more than 20 years.

Our approach: We co-create a tailored Leadership Assessment and Development Programme & have an agile team who can adapt to changing circumstances.

Our results: A 20-year track-record of appointing and supporting leaders with a roadmap to create lasting impact.

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