Developing Future Leaders

A unique opportunity for managers in challenging times

Many organisations have seen their operations change drastically in a few weeks in response to COVID-19. Senior Management Teams (SMTs) are now asking far more of their supporting managers.

Managers at mid-level are expected to look after their teams, keeping them on-task as they adjust to their new environment. At the same time, they are struggling with stress and uncertainty themselves. Supporting these leaders to step up, keep moving forward and lead their teams through these tumultuous months will give space to SMTs to think strategically about how to shape their organisations for a future that will look different than it did before COVID-19.

This is an opportunity for your future leaders to develop their skills and become more resilient in the face of intense pressure. This can help ensure that your organisation is prepared and impactful in times ahead.

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Why SRI Executive?

What we bring: In-depth expertise & experience working with leaders in international development for 20+ years.

Our approach: Any leadership development opportunity is bespoke and firmly rooted in your organisation’s needs.

Our results: A track record of supporting leaders to grow and create lasting impact.

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