Chief Executive Progression

Advising departing senior executives on their career transition

Navigating the progression from a high-level leadership position within a global development organisation can be daunting for any executive. Amid the pressure and balancing of complex demands, leaders at this level have not been afforded time for critical self-reflection in order to prepare for the immense transition into the life that comes after a high-profile role. 

The uncertainty of ‘where to next?’ can be stressful for many who have already achieved one of the highest positions in professional life. Leaders at the top whose career has reached a natural milestone have the unique combination of behavioural and technical skills, along with experience to continue contributing meaningfully in any number of ways.

Finding a path on which leaders can continue to contribute, grow, be challenged, and add value sometimes means turning to a trusted advisor.

Why SRI Executive?

What we bring: More than 20 years of experience working with senior leaders in international development.

Our approach: Building trust to unlock your unique skills and aspirations, we support you to discover the next step that excites and makes sense for you. This could be a think-tank, serving on a board going through change or pivoting to a new sector.

Our results: A co-created roadmap for the next meaningful extension of your career, with ongoing support at regular intervals to assist you in this critical career transition.

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