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Performance Reviews to Drive Impact

Global development organisations compete more than ever for funding, while donors demand evidence of their outcomes and impact. As a result, organisations are growing, adapting, restructuring and re-focusing priorities to stay relevant. They are re-thinking their value proposition, and understand the need to meet their mandate and produce the data to show for it. Key to this is ensuring that organisational leadership can be adaptable to changing priorities. There is a need for boards and senior executives to both assess their performance, and consider how they will remain effective in the future.

SRI Executive has worked with senior executives and board members for over 20 years. Our knowledge of what makes organisations effective enables leadership teams to have evidence-based conversations around performance. This allows leaders and their organisations to meet their mandates and demonstrate both value for money and societal impact. We conduct a thorough review of your board, chair and/or senior executive’s performance against sector norms and the specific goals and culture of your organisation. We will share the results in a clear and transparent manner, giving top-line analysis as well as in-depth results.

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Why SRI Executive?

What we bring: 20+ years of expertise working with senior leaders in international development. Our tools have been designed with academic rigour against international best-practices.

Our approach: Understanding that board and chief executive competencies and strategic priorities are unique, we tailor our approach to meet your organisational needs.

Our results: Our track record of supporting leadership teams to objectively examine performance and determine key changes in behaviour that will impact their organisations.

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