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With the demands of business becoming ever more challenging, the importance of having strong and effective leadership is increasingly growing more apparent. As organisations look to develop a corporate culture which seeks to inspire, their need for a stimulating and thought-provoking leadership model has become a fundamental requirement when achieving long-term results.



At SRI Executive, we understand the behavioural and cultural change organisations need to enhance and grow. With a suite of services that seeks to provide your organisation with the leadership capability it needs to evolve to the next level, we work to establish a programme which can realise your strategic objectives. Working closely with key stakeholders within your organisation to address your concerns and provide you with the sustainable solution you need to progress, we look to create a programme which reflects your vision for the future. By helping you to define and assess the leadership attributes you need to succeed, we seek to address the core competencies and leadership characteristics you require from your senior level executives.


With our in-depth industry knowledge and sectoral expertise, we are able to create a developmental programme which allows your senior executives to succeed at both a national and international level. Recognising that effective leadership is essential when enhancing performance, ensuring productivity and promoting accountability, we understand the challenges you face and seek to present you will the tools necessary in which to confront them. Believing that our programme can provide you with the senior level executives who can overcome the challenges of today and embrace the prospect of tomorrow, we aim to make a lasting difference within your organisation.


Our suite of services offers individuals, teams and organisations the sustainable solutions they need to adapt and transform:


  • Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Conflict Management for Success
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Cultural Fit—Team Assessment
  • Communication Training
  • Team Performance
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Panel Interview Training



At SRI Executive, we create a process which works solely for you. Working in partnership with our clients and candidates to drive change, economic prosperity and innovation, we seek to develop a Leadership Development Programme which represents and reflects your aspirations. Believing that our unified and authentic approach can provide you with the resources you need to progress within any organisation, we look to establish a service which offers you the refreshing perspective you need to grow. By developing a Leadership Development Programme which identifies, develops and encourages the next generation of senior level executives, we seek to provide individuals with the techniques they need to advance to the next step in their career. As our renowned and highly skilled team of Executive Coaches work to uncover and unleash your full potential, we aim to afford you with the skills you need to adapt and succeed in the face of any new challenge you may encounter.


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