SDG 4: Challenges, Successes and the Future of the World’s Education Target

The future of education for all

A substantial report from SRI Executive draws on interviews with key players in the global development community whose work addresses one or more of the Sustainable Development Goal 4 targets. At the start of the Decade of Action on the 2030 Agenda, SRI Executive produced this report to explore the challenges and successes on SDG 4. Central to its findings are the contributions and insights from leading NGOs, multilateral agencies and impact investors.

SDG 4: Challenges, Successes and the Future of the World's Education Target
Within this report:
• Details of the complex challenges affecting progress at scale on SDG 4
• Ways organisations are adapting to achieve steps toward inclusive, equitable, quality education for all
• What the World Bank objective to halve the global rate of learning poverty—or the number of ten-year-olds who can’t read and understand a simple story—might mean for organisations and the future of SDG 4
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