At SRI Executive, we help you to identify exceptional Leadership talent with our range of Psychometric tools

In leadership and management, the wrong fit comes at a high price.

Today, all organisations face the same challenge of achieving more with less. When ‘less’ specifically relates to people, hiring the best teams, led by exceptional leaders, is critical to delivering lasting impact.

Identifying talent equipped to take on true leadership and tackle the challenges of today’s organisations involves answering three key questions:

  1. What?— What functional and personal skills do they possess to do the job?
  2. Why?— Will they be internally and externally motivated to excel in the job?
  3. How?—  How will they carry out their responsibilities and behave in various circumstances, particularly when working with diverse teams?

Taking the guesswork out of finding the right fit

The tools we use at SRI Executive measure technical skills, soft skills, and motivators behind the delivery of a leadership role’s core competencies and responsibilities. We offer the EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence Assessment, the Hogan Performance Management Indicators, and the DISC Behavioural Assessment. This combination of tools eliminates the guesswork from hiring and gives a clear picture of a leader’s behaviours, skills, values, personality, and cultural fit.

All of these assessments can be done online and reviewed virtually with one of SRI Executive’s accredited consultants.

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