Puerto Rico Green Energy Trust

Law 17 of 2019 created many fundamental strong policy mechanisms for renewable energy and energy efficiency in Puerto Rico, including a requirement for the island to transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050, and achieve 30% energy efficiency savings by 2040. One of the provisions of the law was the creation of a new Green Energy Trust, envisioned to be modeled locally after the Puerto Rico Science Trust, and the Puerto Rico Land Trust; and nationally modeled after the New York and Connecticut Green Banks.


According to the Deed of the Puerto Rico Green Energy Trust, the purpose of the Trust is:


  • ….foster and fund research, development and infrastructure projects that will promote the economic, social or educational development of Puerto Rico related to clean energy and renewable energy, and technology, operating exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes within the meaning of 26 U.S.C. Section 501(c)(3).


Key Resources

  • Law 17-2019 that created PRGET
  • Deed of PRGET

Role purpose

The Executive Director of the PRGET is responsible for the strategic development and operational effectiveness of the Trust through development and leading all financial and operational matters for the organization. This includes overseeing the development and facilitation of the fund’s strategic planning process, resource allocation and performance management strategies, and the fund’s internal policies and procedures. The Executive Director is responsible for governing all business activities of the Trust and leading the Trust’s fiscal stability and capital raising activities. The Executive Director is expected to build a strong network both within Puerto Rico and nationally in order strategically position the Trust and communicate its vision.


Major Duties and Responsiblities 

Organizational Strategy and Program Design

  • Develop and execute a comprehensive strategic plan for the first two years that is ambitious, inspiring, and sets the pace for the Trust.
  • Oversee program design and implementation that delivers on organizational mission and purpose.


Organizational Management

  • Develop guiding principles, systems, structure, people, and processes to meet the Trust’s needs.
  • Recruit, lead, and inspire staff members to support execution of the Trust’s goals.


Infrastructure and Governance

  • Establish fiscal and legal mechanisms of the Trust.
  • Establish ongoing, steady-state responsibilities and relationships with trustees.


Fiscal Stability

  • Establish a sustainable capital-raising approach for financial stability within the first six months.
  • Demonstrate proof of success within one year.


External Relations

  • Develop an organizational network of supporters and partners within Puerto Rico and nationally.
  • Grow recognition of the Trust with public and private stakeholders as well as with the general public.




  • Passionate about green energy and green energy finance.
  • Serves as a role model that other people want to follow.
  • Empower others to translate vision into results.
  • Proactive in developing strategies to accomplish objectives.



  • Shows initiative, solution-oriented, and focused on execution and implementation.
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and complexity.
  • Adaptable, flexible, dynamic.


High Political Acumen

  • Attuned to the Puerto Rico political landscape, its players, policies, and incentives that inform action.
  • Forge relationships with a wide range of stakeholders at various levels and from diverse backgrounds.
  • Open to new ideas; listens and understands others’ perspectives.
  • Deftly negotiate competing interests and demands while maintaining the vision and mission of the Trust.


Strong Communicator

  • Strong written and verbal communicator that is highly effective, persuasive, and compelling.
  • Comfortable and polished communicating with diverse audiences.


Qualifications & Experience

  • Minimum of 10 years of professional experience. Preferred experience includes non-profit organizations, public sector/government, founding and scaling an organization, or public-private partnerships.
  • Strong background and understanding of Puerto Rico, the island, its people, and culture. Puerto Rico current/former resident preferred.
  • Professionally fluent in English and Spanish.
  • Strong management experience building and mobilizing a team.
  • Familiarity with organizational governance and mechanisms (e.g. financial oversight, regulatory compliance).
  • Background in green energy finance and/or policy.
  • Previous experience in finance/banking and raising capital preferred.


Role Location

The Executive Director must be based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. They will be operating in a hybrid work environment. If not currently based in Puerto Rico, the new Executive Director should be able to relocate within a 3-month period.


The Executive Director will be expected to travel outside of San Juan and internationally approximately 10% of the time.



The salary range for the Executive Director is $150,000 – $250,000; the final compensation package will be competitive and based on prior qualifications and experience.


How to Apply

If you wish to be considered for this position, please complete the Application Form on or before 5 October 2023. In addition, we encourage you to please attach a copy of the most recent English version of your CV in Word format.


All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.


SRI Executive is exclusively retained by Puerto Rico Green Energy Trust to undertake this assignment.

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