At SRI Executive, we support new leaders with a roadmap to create lasting impact.

Navigating Success: The Crucial Role of Onboarding for New Leaders

In today’s changing world, the significance of a robust onboarding process for leaders cannot be overstated.

High-quality onboarding is critical to help support the success of organisations and their teams. Vital aspects of onboarding, including understanding daily operations, organisational culture, team dynamics and stakeholder expectations, are critical to the success of any new leader. 

What we bring: We have worked with top leaders and organisations in international development for more than 25 years and have in-depth expertise in the needs and challenges newly hired leaders face.

Our approach: We listen, understand and co-create a tailored onboarding strategy supporting organisations and executives transitioning into new leadership. As an agile team, we can help you adapt to changing circumstances.

Our results: A 25-year track record of supporting newly appointed leaders with a roadmap to create lasting impact.  

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