Wellness Day planned for the SRI Executive Team

SRI Executive has organised ‘Wellness Days’ for our team on Friday, June 5th and Monday, June 8th, 2020. Half of us will be away from our home offices on Friday, and half will be away on Monday to rest and recharge in response to the stresses from COVID-19 and the various lockdown measures in place across our locations.

Like many workers globally, our team are adjusting to unprecedented lifestyle changes resulting from stay-at-home measures. Lines between work and life are blurred more than ever and worries about health, family, productivity and other obligations are compounded under one roof. Remote work has fuelled the ‘always-on economy’ in many locations: data in the US has shown employees putting in an average of three extra working hours per day. One survey in Ireland, where our global headquarters are located, found that workers were adding an extra week’s work (38 hours) into each month. While remote access has made it possible to work non-stop, doing so will guarantee burnout.

At SRI Executive, people are our passion. We believe that by investing in people’s wellbeing, we are investing in their ability to create a lasting impact and contribute towards meaningful global change. With that in mind, we develop best-practice HR solutions to protect the wellbeing of our staff, clients and candidates. It has never been more important to take stock of our mental and physical health and make every effort to look after ourselves and those around us.

Therefore, we are directing ourselves to take one of these two days off. The ‘Wellness Day’ is an addition to our team’s annual leave allowance. We are asking our staff to spend the day away from the home office and switch off emails, and we are sponsoring everyone so that they can enjoy a meal, try a new hobby or find some activity to enjoy on the day.

What our clients can expect on June 5th and 8th

We have spread this over two days because as a partner to our clients and candidates, we strive to provide an impeccable and consistently responsive service. On Friday, June 5th or Monday, June 8th, you may receive an out-of-office response from an SRI team member. In that reply, he or she will have named a colleague whom you can contact if your query is urgent. In most cases, the named team member will be able to assist you directly and promptly. If not, he or she will reach out to the person you are trying to contact. By organising in this way, we are allowing team members to enjoy a full day away from work while ensuring that the quality of our services is unaffected.

We appreciate your support in this initiative and we hope that you are taking care of your day-to-day wellness.

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