30% Club

SRI Executive is proud to be part of the 30% club, which advocates for greater representation of women in senior leadership positions and at Board level.

Practical Private Sector Engagement: a challenge deserving of more focused attention

If asked, my honest answer would probably be that the last thing we need is another international development agency working on green growth and sustainable development. The landscape is already very crowded, with many institutions doing excellent work in sometimes overlapping areas. If anything, we probably need less institutions, more cooperation and targeted focus, on where real value can be added. However, I am not so sure that “no thanks” is really the best answer.

Rediscovering development cooperation that works

SRI currently has the honour of working with an organisation that is seeking to find a sustainable way out of this conundrum. The International Centre for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) has re-positioned its vision, mission and goals to focus on supporting sustainable livelihoods in dryland areas. Situated in a region, where many of the economic and political migrants are coming from, it is adjusting its services to respond to global and regional challenges, has re-oriented its resource mobilisation strategy and is taking appropriate solutions to scale, by working with local partners and the private sector.

Trump climate decision adds new development complexities

When President Trump recently announced his planned withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, some saw this as galvanising support for climate action, in the rest of the world. Of course, every cloud has a silver lining, but let not that lining be an excuse to ignore the cloud. President Trump’s announcement has at least three very serious consequences.

SRI Executive & OECD Long Term Agreement

We are truly proud of our accomplishment and are looking forward to initiating the sourcing and placing of the executive leadership job family, including senior management of the OECD, from grade A5 and upwards.  The searches we are to undertake will involve greater diversity; through gender, educational background, professional background and nationality.

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