From the WHO report on the world’s response to COVID-19 to the latest on the global COVID vaccination effort

An independent high-level panel commissioned by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to investigate the global response to COVID-19 says the Covid pandemic was a preventable disaster that need not have cost millions of lives if the world had reacted more quickly.

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Dr. Seth Berkley, CEO at Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, says export restrictions on COVID vaccines implemented by India in response to the COVID crisis devastating the country have left the COVAX Facility 150 million doses behind schedule.

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EU leaders have called on US President Joe Biden to remove blocks the US has in place on the export of COVID vaccines and their key ingredients in response to Biden’s decision to back a COVID vaccine waiver.

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A new risk assessment by Verisk Maplecroft has found 99 of the top 100 cities most vulnerable to environmental hazards are in Asia, with 80% of the top 100 in either India or China.

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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has announced it will no longer finance coal mining or oil and natural gas production and exploration in a draft policy statement published last Friday.

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A new study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters says greenhouse gas greenhouse gases are shrinking the stratosphere.

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Devex takes a look at Australia’s aid budget for the 2021-22 financial year and gives a rundown of the winners and losers in this year’s budget.

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Save the Children says the UK’s aid cuts will see it spend 80% less on helping feed children in poorer nations than before the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving tens of thousands of children hungry and at risk of starvation.

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Thomas Wieser, chair of the Wise Persons Group formed by the EU to advise on how to to improve the impact and visibility of its development financing in Africa, has criticised the ‘Status Quo+’ plan the bloc has settled on for the EU’s development finance system as a ‘bad option for development’.

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A decade after the launch of the Istanbul convention, the landmark human rights treaty to stop gender-based violence, Dubravka Šimonović, UN special rapporteur on violence against women, says the  world is  gripped by a ‘pandemic of violence’ against women.


World Vision is set to launch a new campaign, the ‘Every Last One’ campaign, through which it intends to raise USD $1 billion by 2023 in a bid to lift 60 million people out of extreme poverty.


Devex talks to Faheen Allibhoy, Head of the J.P. Morgan Development Finance Institution (JPM DFI), about JPM DFI’s first year, where its invested its funds, and how its measuring its impact.