The Benefit of a Diverse Boardroom

Recent findings by index provider MSCI have found that organisations with a strong female influence on their boards perform 36% times more effectively than those without.

According to MSCI,  a “strong-female influence” is defined as having three or more female directors, or alternatively, a female CEO and one another female director. Average numbers of female board members vary dramatically around the world, with the likes of Jordan, where only 4% board positions are occupied by women, while in the UK, on average, 25% of board members are female.

In a report released by IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, it is shown that companies who have at least one female on their board are vastly more likely to outperform organisations with all-male boards.

It is clear that women play a crucial role in the success of corporate boards. Female board members are more likely to bring fresh perspective and are able to challenge traditional ways of thinking. Having a diverse board allows organisations to improve morale, connect more effectively with clients and send a positive message throughout the organisation that there is a commitment to gender diversity in the work place.