Global Megatrends for Development

What does 2030 look like for the Global Development Community?

Building a development organisation’s strategic plan in an evolving and uncertain world is a challenge. The intersecting and complex nature of global forces that impact development makes the prospect of conducting a comprehensive and practical analysis daunting. The megatrends represented here are the most pressing issues and opportunities for development from 2030 to 2050.

Critically examining the impact of these trends allows us to challenge ingrained assumptions about our global operating environment and the theories of change that rest upon them. Organisations can use these trends to think ahead about how to mitigate risk and leverage opportunities.

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To learn more about these megatrends, please read our full report.

To engage further with these megatrends, it may be helpful to bring in a neutral third party to conduct a relevant trends analysis or facilitate a line of self- reflection with your team. This can help to ensure that there is space in a strategy process to stop, think and challenge ingrained assumptions.

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