Focus Areas

Academia Expand Expand

60% of children today will work in jobs that do not currently exist according to a recent study from IBEC. A focus of Academia is to ensure that the correct training is provided to create the right skill sets for innovation and enterprise. The importance of a buoyant and progressive global academic space is crucial to continue to ensure a skilled workforce. The Academia sector drives innovation that will allow for social inclusion, economic prosperity and sustainability worldwide. By creating an academic culture that provides a diverse and collaborative approach to learning, innovation and independent thought can challenge and transform. We are part of this collaborative approach by providing the right people to drive this innovation. We have a vast network of experts who can advise on strategy and policies to ensure effective implementation.

Climate Change, Sustainability, Conservation, and Water Expand Expand

We support organisations working towards finding sustainable solutions to the challenges of climate change. This sector concentrates its efforts on the management of all water, land and other related resources. The aim is to provide economic and social stability to areas most effected. This is a necessary step in achieving social development and sustainable growth within developing countries. We support these organisations which can protect biological diversity and combat the effects of climate change.

Food Security, Nutrition and Consumer Goods Expand Expand

Food Security and the multiple burden of malnutrition are growing concerns within developing countries. We work in conjunction with organisations faced with finding sustainable solutions to the food poverty crisis. The optimum production of highly nutritious foods and reducing post-harvest losses are issues addressed by these organisations. We work alongside finding executives who are committed to overcome the issues with nutritional deficiencies and Food Security that continue to exist. We offer expert strategists that can help organisations create sustainable livelihoods for smallholder farmers and address the wide range of global issues faced in this sector.

Foundations Expand Expand

The Foundation sector continually challenges the socio-economic inequality which exists worldwide. This sector is constantly striving to provide innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Tackling areas such as health, education, nutrition, and technology, they seek to foster an environment where human prosperity, dignity and sustainability can be achieved. Foundations work to make a meaningful difference to the world’s most disadvantaged. We have supported many foundations worldwide in terms of Executive Search and Strategy for over a decade. We work with foundations whose programmes will propel people from poverty and injustice and provide them with economic stability.

Governmental Expand Expand

The Governmental sector provides legislative, economic and developmental support to many institutions around the world. Governmental organisations seek not only to provide financial assistance but also offer expert guidance to all its members. Working in partnership with its affiliated members, partners and global organisations, Governments seek to create jobs and sustainable growth and make policy changes to advance societal and judicial reform. We are experienced in providing the right people and strategy to achieve this shared perspective both locally and globally.

Life Science Expand Expand

The Life Science sector strives to find the most efficient solutions to the world’s most pressing matters. This sector pioneers new products and technologies across the Health, Pharma and Biotech fields. Our entry into International Development came from working with Life and Natural sciences sectors. The nexus of life science and public health is paramount to helping decrease difficulties faced in developing countries. We understand and are experienced in working alongside organisations involved in this research-driven speciality sector. We have worked with numerous entrepreneurial and innovative startups helping them scale up to more established global multinationals. From groundbreaking healthcare systems to cutting-edge methods in scientific research and production, this sector is committed to prolonging life and making a lasting difference.

Multilateral Agencies Expand Expand

Multilateral Agencies are dedicated to the development and technological advancement of the developing world. The Multilateral sector seeks to provide programmes to support their various mandates with focus around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We have worked with Multilateral agencies in all areas from gender, health, poverty to economic growth. We provide fit-for-purpose Strategy and stellar candidates who can support these agencies in their work to eradicate the world of inequality and exclusion.

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) Expand Expand

The Non-Governmental sector is focused on promoting equality, justice and security for all. We have worked with small and large NGO’s for the last 20 years who are committed to driving change for those most in need. We are familiar with issues NGO’s tackle such as gender, health, the environment, child welfare and socio-economic development. We have access to a broad network who are committed to creating sustainable solutions to end social injustice. We bring the expertise and understanding so we can work with NGO’s on all issues of inequality. We provide effective strategy and the correct candidates that can offer resolution and drive positive change.

Multilateral Banks Expand Expand

Multilateral development banking provides financial assistance and advice to aid development. We have worked closely with the Asian Development Bank, Caribbean Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank. Our experience in this complex sector is vast. We are aware of the market challenges that Multilateral banks face. We understand the issues such as conflicting shareholders and limited financial resources. Multilateral Banks who are now engaging with the Private Sector to provide sustainable business solutions rather than just providing aid. We have 20 years’ experience working in both Public and Private sectors. We appoint remarkable individuals to executive roles and expert strategists who can drive strategy and spearhead positive change.

FinTech Expand Expand

Fintech can be used to create a financial system that can work for all walks of life and help build financial security. It is still a new and emerging sector.  Fintech is driven by young innovative forces pushing boundaries of what an ordinary financial institute can offer. It is the competitive alternative to traditional financial methods. We are focused on highlighting the potential Fintech has to offer because it allows for financial inclusion. We work with organisations involved in Fintech. We provide candidates who are knowledgeable about Fintech technology ensuring we are at the forefront of innovation in this market.

Social Impact Investment Expand Expand

Social Impact Investing aligns philanthropic and financial goals. An increasing amount of organisations are focused on investment to address social issues in addition to gaining a financial return. We work with these organisations who create innovative solutions to achieve Social Impact Investment.  We work with new models of public and private partnership to achieve this goal.  We provide the expert candidates and strategists who can create the correct policies to deliver maximum social and financial impact.

Renewable Energy and Clean Technology Expand Expand

We work with organisations determined to capitalise on the potential renewable energy and clean technology has to offer.  The increased demand for sustainable energy sources has resulted in the renewables industry becoming a key player in the Global energy market. The Paris Agreement has highlighted the environmental concerns  and now 195 countries are involved. All have the joint goal of combating climate change and investing in a low carbon future. Clean technology is now a priority, so countries can reach targets set out by the Paris Agreement. We excel at finding the correct people to successfully expedite clean technology and renewable energy across international markets.