Effective Transition Management

Leading through organisational change

When an organisation undergoes transformative change—as part of a merger or alliance, or as a result of internal restructuring—the role of its leaders takes on greater prominence. Supporting and motivating a wider team to change their collective mindset and vision is a core challenge leaders face.

Times of change can be both exciting and stressful, but without planning or support processes in place, transformation can mean chaos for an organisation. The right support is essential. This may include individual or group coaching of executives, middle management, or strategically important teams. The transition may also require setting up ongoing communications, management of complex and parallel processes with accountability meetings, and checks for progress.

Key steps in a successful organisational transition process

  • Agreeing on a collective vision
  • Understanding the internal appetite for change
  • Reviewing the internal capability and capacity for this transition and planning accordingly
  • 1:1 or group coaching
  • Agreeing on the change model best-suited to the individual or organisation
  • Set up as a project with control and reporting mechanisms
  • Developing processes, systems and measurement for the transition
  • Launching and monitoring a communication plan
  • Measuring success and building in learning for the future

Why SRI Executive?

What we bring: Purpose-built teams of expert change and coaching consultants, all of whom bring decades of experience leading organisational development projects.

Our approach: Every project is bespoke and collaborative to create a transition that supports your needs.

Our results: A track-record of supporting individuals or leadership teams through times of organisational transformation.

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