Embedding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

For a more equitable and inclusive future in global development

The commitment to sustainable development includes a pledge that no one will be left behind. Embedding diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels within the workplace and in development organisations’ external objectives is imperative to that pledge.

More organisations in the international development sector have begun to reflect on ways to instil a culture of equity, inclusion and respect backed by processes that support it. SRI Executive is a long-time partner to leading global development organisations and recognises the considerations and ongoing transformation required to redesign a more equitable and inclusive future for the sector.

Embedding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
SRI Executive addresses the key considerations for leaders in international development who are continuing their DE&I efforts. These can include reflections on Theory of Change, reassessing recruitment processes, and radically rethinking ways of working and organisational culture. All of these steps are crucial in ensuring that diverse communities own the development agenda and define their needs and aspirations for progress.
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