Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Committed to improving diversity in global development

55% of our placements in 2019 were female. 

SRI Executive strives for gender parity based on meritocracy on all longlists and shortlists we submit to clients. As an organisation we have seen the number of women we place grow year-on-year until in 2019, when for the first time our female placements outnumbered male placements.

The women we placed in 2019 were predominantly for Director-level positions or above. Among them were Director-General of the International Development Law Organisation (IDLO), Executive Director & Vice President for Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), Chair, Office of the Compliance Review Panel (OCRP) at the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Deputy Director General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), among others. We are proud to contribute to improving diversity for Senior Management Teams in the global development sector, which can in turn truly drive forward inclusive development.

Our experience has shown us that gender parity is a common institutional challenge for organisations working in global development. We are well-placed to help our clients address gender diversity, and are excited to see more organisations thrive as a result of having female talent at their highest tiers.

Gender Parity on all Longlists & Shortlists
55% female placements in 2019
38% of all candidates placed from middle- and low-income countries
Gender & equality results in smarter organisations

An internal culture that inspires

SRI Executive places gender and diversity at the heart of our organisation, and we are better for it.

Within our own organisation, our team is 80% female, and 50% from the Global South. Celebrating difference through diverse backgrounds, identity, ideas and beliefs, we create a space which encourages collaboration and ingenuity. We believe that promoting diverse perspectives fosters an environment which stimulates growth. SRI Executive instills this philosophy not only in our own organisation, but in the services we provide.


We have seen diversity's value firsthand. That's why we are dedicated to achieving it for your organisation.

For more information on how we achieve Gender Parity in our placements, contact us.

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