Case study

category: strategy
GWP – Stop and Think
"GWP’s vision is a water secure world. Their mission is to advance governance and management of water resources for sustainable and equitable development."


As the Global Water Partnership strategy is due to close in 2020 with many actors noting that GWP has “fulfilled what it set out to do,” the GWP Secretariat sought to re-discover its relevance within a landscape now strongly focused on the Sustainable Development Goals and systems approaches to development. Facing a dwindling resource base with donor preferences indicating a shift away from advocacy and knowledge, it is critical for GWP to diversify their funding sources, and to reflect on its value proposition, offerings, and operating model to remain attractive to current and new partners, both inside and out of the water sector.


While the Global Water Partnership was instrumental in placing water at the top of the sustainable development agenda with a dedicated water goal, it has also been tapped as key to delivery. In order to assess the strategic choices facing the Partnership, GWP engaged SRI to facilitate a workshop that provided the space to reflect on global trends, developments and strategic opportunities in the landscape. In addition to this, SRI shared views of key stakeholders, discussed GWP’s future positioning along the value chain, and where GWP could more effectively utilise its significant network and partnerships for greater impact. SRI took stock of operational and substantive inputs for GWP consideration, in the form of an action agenda, which contributes to a wider change agenda that will be enacted and built upon with new leadership.


Impact / results

This exercise provided the collective clarity on GWP’s mission, core purpose, and comparative advantage moving forward which will be tested further with a wider group of stakeholders leading up to GWP’s strategy refresh process. The outcomes of the brainstorm also laid the foundation for the External Evaluation focusing on reviewing the efficacy of their 2020 Strategy, and to look forward at GWP’s “Fit for Future” in making a valuable difference to water security.