The strength of SRI Executive services extends beyond the skills of the people within our company. Our Corporate Alliances widen the range of services we provide while allowing us to maintain the high quality of services you need.
SRI Executive is delighted to have partnered with QED Consulting. QED Consulting is a 29-year-old company specialising in consulting and training in the areas of Leadership, Values, Culture and Change, and in the alignment of Strategy People and Processes. It is headquartered in New York but operates globally and is best known for its innovative work in Diversity & Inclusion and in Ethics & Integrity.
SRI Executive is proud to be part of the 30% club, which advocates for greater representation of women in senior leadership positions and at Board level. Its influence throughout the world and is currently working on bettering the gender balance at each stage of the journey from schoolroom to the boardroom. SRI Executive has promoted women in its shortlist for senior appointments for many years, and we are proud that we have a representation of 46% of females on our shortlists and a 48% appointment rate of women into senior-level leadership and board positions.
SRI Executive proudly supports the International Disability Alliance (IDA) which is an alliance of eight global and six regional organisations of persons with disabilities. IDA advocate at the UN for a more inclusive global environment for persons with disabilities and their organisations.
Astrid van Heumen is a Partner of SRI Executive Search. With extensive experience in executive search, Astrid specialises in managing the most exceptional candidates across the Multilateral Agencies, Non-Governmental Organisations, and Foundations. She holds a Ph.D. in Economic and Social History from Radbound University, Netherlands.
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