Sectoral Focus

Academia Expand Expand

Working in partnership with students, staff and the local community, the Academia sector is one which drives social inclusion, economic prosperity and sustainability, worldwide. Creating a space which seeks to inspire, reward and encourage, Academia works to foster an environment which nurtures student development through education. As it looks to create an academic culture that provides a diverse and collaborative approach to learning, while also promoting the need for research and innovation, this sector continually engages independent thought to challenge and transform.

Climate Change, Sustainability and Conservation Expand Expand

Dedicated to the protection of our natural resources, many organisations have sought to find a sustainable solution to the long-term challenge climate change poses to the earth’s atmosphere. With an aim to provide economic and social stability to areas most effected, this sector concentrates its efforts on the management of all water, land and other related resources. Seeing this as a necessary step in achieving social development and sustainable growth within the developing world, their focus is one which is committed to providing economic and environmental stability. Believing that through research and innovation, they can not only protect biological diversity but also combat the effects of climate change on the environment, their initiatives look to find resolutions for this growing ecological concern.

Food Security, Nutrition and Consumer Goods Expand Expand

With food shortage and malnutrition, a constant and growing concern within the developing world, many organisations are faced with finding sustainable solutions to the food poverty crisis.  Seeking to increase food production and provide food security for many families worldwide, this sector is dedicated to finding new ways to overcome the nutritional deficiencies that continue to exist. By investing in research and development, as a way to find new outcomes to ongoing issues, their primary aim is to increase food production, address the need for a diverse and balanced diet and provide economic stability by promoting self-sufficiency. Believing that food security has a dual purpose, in that, it offers nutritional security and economic opportunity to those within the developing world, their focus on innovation and technology seeks to address a range of global issues which pertain to the food development sector.

Foundations Expand Expand

Determined to influence change on a global scale, the Foundation sector is one which continually challenges the socio-economic inequality which exists worldwide. Believing that by identifying the issues which affect communities in decline, they can not only create awareness but also gain financial and political support, the Foundation sector is continually looking to make a meaningful difference to the world’s most disadvantaged areas. With an aim to strengthen society and enhance the lives of others, the Foundation sector is constantly striving to provide innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Tackling areas such as health, education, nutrition, and technology, they seek to foster an environment where human prosperity, dignity and sustainability can be achieved. Through investment, influence and in collaboration with their international partners, their initiatives look to fund developmental programmes which propel people from poverty and injustice and provide them with economic stability.

Governmental Expand Expand

Working in partnership with its affiliated members, partners and global organisations, the Governmental sector is a formal body which provides legislative, economic and developmental support to many institutions around the world. With an aim to promote enterprise, innovation and sustainable growth within different regions, governmental organisations seek not only to provide financial assistance but also offer expert guidance to all its members. Believing that a combined effort can expand operations, secure regional development or advance societal and judicial reform, the governmental sector looks to expand and progress beyond previous limitations. Advocating for change and ingenuity across all areas, its influence and collaborative approach allows for a shared perspective in achieving both local and global interests.

Life Science Expand Expand

Dedicated to effecting change on a global scale, the Life Science sector has strived to find the most efficient solutions to the world’s most pressing matters. Pioneering new products and technologies across the Health, Pharma and Biotech fields, their aim is to continue to develop products which improve and enhance life. As they seek to deliver innovative success and technological advancement to those most in need, they are not content in simply maintaining the set parameters. With an ambition to continually drive change, their ethos is one which inspires a culture of adaptation and collaboration. Focused on improving the world and enriching the lives of others, this research-driven speciality sector looks to address to social, economic and ecological challenges worldwide. From ground breaking healthcare systems to cutting-edge methods in scientific research and production, this sector is committed to prolonging life and making a lasting difference.

Multilateral Agencies Expand Expand

Focused on promoting social inclusion, economic prosperity, stability and reform, the Multilateral sector dedicates itself to the development and technological advancement of the developing world. Working in collaboration with local governments, partners and independent specialists, the Multilateral sector seeks to provide financial and advisory assistance across a range of areas. Tackling issues such as gender, health, poverty and economic growth, their focus is trying to eradicate the world of inequality and exclusion. With an aim to promote economic, environmental and sustainable progress to strengthen areas in difficulty or decline, their support whether financial or technical constantly strives to build resilience and enhance the lives of others.

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) Expand Expand

Focused on promoting equality, justice and security for all, the Non-Governmental sector is one which continually strives for greater social progression. With an aim to drive change and advance economic opportunity for those most in need, the NGO sector seeks to empower local communities to create a future free from inequality and discrimination. Tackling issues such as gender, health, the environment, child welfare and socio-economic development, NGOs dedicate themselves to aiding areas in decline. Proposing sustainable solutions to ending social injustice, their networks, both locally and globally work together to impact and enhance the lives of others. Whether through educational campaigns, health initiatives or developmental programmes, their sole focus is to challenge the structural causes of inequality and offer some form of resolution.

Multilateral Banks Expand Expand

Multilateral banking provides financial assistance and advice, in order to aid development. The sector is complex, and is one in which SRI Executive has a great deal of experience. We have worked closely with several multilateral investment banks across the world, including the Asian Development Bank, Caribbean Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank.
In an ever-changing and developing world, multilateral development banks face many market challenges, despite their mainly successful track record of providing finance to countries that need it most. With issues such as conflicting shareholders and limited financial resources, it is vital that multilateral banks appoint only the most suitable individuals to their executive positions, in order to drive strategy and spearhead positive change.