Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Working in partnership with our clients and candidates to drive social inclusion, integration and sustainability, worldwide, we understand the importance of a culturally diverse, distinct and global perspective. Developing a corporate culture which seeks to inspire, we at SRI Executive place gender and diversity at the heart of our organisation. With a team in which 80% are female and 60% from the developing world, we at SRI are truly dedicated to influencing change on a global scale. Celebrating difference through diverse backgrounds, identity, ideas and beliefs, we create a space which encourages collaboration and ingenuity. Believing that by promoting a diverse perspective, you foster an environment which stimulates growth, we at SRI Executive genuinely instill this philosophy not only in our own organisation, but in the services we provide.

In the last year alone, our commitment to gender and diversity has produced statistics which are above the norm for Executive Search.




Providing our clients with the globally diverse insight they need to succeed, our organisation reflects those values, we encourage our client’s to embrace. As a diverse and globally informed perspective is essential in building resilience, initiative and creativity, its presence within any organisation, is integral for development and growth. Generating a balanced, yet progressive outlook, it affords business with the strategic capability to evolve to the next level. Allowing both individuals and teams to challenge conventional modes of thinking and push past them, it creates the transformative and institutional change which gives organisations the diversified attitude they need to succeed.

Passionately devoted to challenging any form of disparity, we at SRI understand the importance of diversity with any corporate culture. A core requirement for any business, it offers organisations the unique and distinct insight they need to advance at both a local and global level. Promoting efficiency, connectivity and brilliance, it incorporates the knowledge and expertise of a diverse group of individuals and utilises this to create a new and refreshed perspective. Building multicultural team effectiveness, means building success for your organisation.

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