Company Overview

SRI Executive Search

Founded in 1997 by Seamus and Helen McGardle, SRI Executive Search was initially conceived as an executive search firm focused solely on the Not for Profit and Life Science sector. Since then, we have evolved and developed, becoming a global consulting practice, with a difference. Specialising in Executive Search, Diversity, Leadership Development and Board Services, we, at SRI Executive Search create a process which works collaboratively and exclusively for you.

Recognising that the most successful assignments are those in which we work in partnership with our client, we at SRI Executive Search place great emphasis on the relationships we create during our search process. Knowing that by understanding your needs, we can effectively contribute to your organisation’s impact on society, we promote an authentic and client-centred approach across all aspects of our organisation. Focused on providing our clients with a service that truly encompasses their aims and objectives, we establish a rigorous executive model which identifies and reflects the core values they represent. As we truly invest in the character, philosophy and care about the ethos of your organisation, we facilitate a process which will maximise your developmental impact around the world.

With a profound appreciation for the social, economic and environmental progression you seek to achieve, we at SRI Executive Search understand the importance of providing you with a service, in which you can trust. Working closely with key stakeholders within your organisation to design a process which appreciates and reflects your global ambition, we aim to afford you the tools you need to empower and transform.

With a renowned and highly skilled network of global consultants, thought leaders and senior officials, we provide our clients with the expert guidance and in-depth industry knowledge they need to succeed. Working together to acknowledge and overcome the challenges you face, we look to strategically address your concerns and provide you with the expertise you need to realise your expectations.

Ultimately, what truly distinguishes us from the rest, is that we truly appreciate the culture, values and ethos of your organisation.  With a mission to drive change at both a local and global level, we at SRI Executive Search enthusiastically share in your vision for the future. With a common set of values that seeks to make a lasting difference, we believe that we are the only executive search firm that can fully comprehend your needs.